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April 2, 2000
Union Executive Has NOT Offered to Resume Negotiations
The City of Toronto negotiators will meet with the CUPE Local 79 union
executive at the call of the mediator on Monday, April 3, 2000. The union
executive has requested the meeting in order to clarify the City of Toronto
offer, an offer accepted by the outside workers and the library workers. The
union executive has not offered to resume negotiations.

"It is a tragedy that this union executive decided to go on strike when they
didn't even understand what was on the table," said Deputy Mayor Case Ootes.
"The union should have known after 93 meetings what the city is proposing and
you would think that a decision to go on strike would have been based on a
clear understanding of the facts."

"I believe that both the taxpayers and the union membership would have
preferred the union executive to understand the city offer before they rushed
to the picket lines."

The union executive has also informed the City of Toronto's negotiating team
that the original demand of 9 outstanding items has now increased.

"If the union executive wants a quick end to the strike then why do they
continue to increase the number of outstanding items," asked Ootes.



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