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November 22, 2002
Toronto City Council calls for effective representation for urban Canadians
Toronto Councillors Doug Holyday and David Miller made a presentation on behalf
of Toronto City Council today to the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission
for Ontario. Under the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act, responsibility
for re-adjusting electoral districts in each province is placed in the hands of
a Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission.

In calling for more effective representation for urban Canadians, Toronto's
presentation argues that:

* Population should serve as the primary factor in setting and re-adjusting
electoral district boundaries.

* The current degree of urban under-representation in federal and provincial
parliaments is at odds with fundamental democratic principles, undermines the
competitiveness of urban centres and disproportionately impacts ethnic and
racial minorities.

* Electoral district boundaries should not be drawn for the sake of
administrative convenience or partisan political advantage.

As the research and analysis contained in Council's more detailed written
submission shows, the federal electoral system disadvantages the country's most
urbanized provinces and, within each province, often results in the
over-representation of rural areas. The City of Toronto believes that the
under-representation of urban areas is a major cause of the systemic neglect of
urban interests by parliamentarians at both the federal and provincial levels.

For copies of the presentation, detailed report or more information, contact:

Councillor Doug Holyday: 416-392-4002

Councillor David Miller: 416-392-4072

Tobias Novogrodsky, Strategic and Corporate Policy Office:

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