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April 24, 2002
Diversity Advocate releases progress report
Councillor Sherene Shaw, Diversity Advocate and Chair, Race and Ethnic
Relations Community Advisory Committee, submitted her progress report to City
Council last week.

Councillor Shaw said, "I have initiated activities on the 10-point plan of the
Diversity Advocate's Action Plan, which Council adopted in March 2001, as well
as having responded to emerging issues raised by the community such as the
budget process, the Ornstein Study, the UN World Conference on Racism, the
issue of youth violence, and the local repercussions from the September 11
terrorist attacks in the United States."

The Diversity Advocate's meetings with members of Council's five Community
Advisory Committees identified issues common across the committees and assessed
the impact of the City's 2002 budget. These meetings identified access and
equity issues that required specific advocacy during the budget process, such
as youth programs, municipal grants, support programs for the homeless, and
public transit, including Wheel-Trans.

The Diversity Progress Report provides details on the budget process, the
responses to the findings of the Ornstein Study on ethno-racial inequality in
Toronto, community outreach, communications with federal and provincial
representatives, the Diversity Advocate's interdepartmental roundtable on youth
violence, and the development of the City's Plan of Action for the Elimination
of Racism and Discrimination.

Shaw explained, "Letters and subsequent meetings were initiated with federal
and provincial ministers whose departments have responsibilities for
implementing programs that serve our diverse city. City staff and I have met
with a number of community organizations, attended various special events, and
have represented the City at numerous community programs and celebrations on
human rights, diversity and equity issues.

"Without attention to the social needs of all our residents, we cannot have a
productive and inclusive society."

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