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June 26, 2002
Union Rejects Offer to Settle - City Implements Contingency Plan
The City of Toronto's settlement offer was rejected by CUPE Local 416 today.
CUPE Local 416 has begun a work stoppage as of noon today.

Effective immediately, the City of Toronto implemented its labour disruption
contingency plan, announced on June 20, 2002. Details of the plan are available
on the City of Toronto's Web site or by calling Access Toronto at 416-338-0338.

The offer that CUPE Local 416 rejected included:

· Pay raise of 9.2 per cent compounded over three years
· Job security for those permanent workers with 10 years or more of service as
of July 1, 2002. Staff that had this protection in the previous agreement will
continue to have it. This provision covers 90 per cent of CUPE Local 416 staff.
· Improved benefits for all CUPE Local 416 staff that demonstrate the City's
interest in the health and welfare of our staff.
· One time "green circling" of staff that includes a lump sum payment to more
than 1,000 CUPE members
· A one time lump sum payment of $500 to ambulance workers
· Improved promotion process that includes seniority and making sure the best
qualified worker wins a job where there is a vacancy.

"A strike was completely unnecessary. We want the union to put this offer to
the test of their membership," said Mayor Mel Lastman. "We didn't want a strike
and have tried to negotiate with CUPE but we just can't bankrupt the City to
meet the union's demands," the Mayor said.

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