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June 20, 2002
Public Health launches 20/20 campaign for clean air
Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Sheela Basrur, today launched a
program encouraging residents to help clean Toronto's air by reducing energy
use at home and on the road.

"20/20 - The Way to Clean Air" challenges residents to participate in a
campaign that will lower their energy bills, improve home comfort and value,
and reduce traffic gridlock. These actions will result in financial savings for
individuals and cleaner air in Toronto.

Dr. Basrur said the program focuses on results. "While it is clear that
governments must do more to reduce air pollution, they cannot be expected to
act in isolation of the daily habits and routines of the population. No
government can hope to fight pollution without involving real people where they
live and work."

The program will involve 20 employers working with their employees over the
next three years to take up the challenge of reducing energy use by 20 per
cent. Participants will receive a 20/20 Planner that assists them with
strategies and tools to meet their targets.

City Councillor David Miller, chair of the Transportation Management
Association, said the program is an excellent example of partnering for change.
"The City is joining with employers to take the message directly to residents
that they can make a difference."

Chris Gates, vice-president of Enbridge Consumers Gas, and Tom Arnold, director
of Transportation and Parking at York University, joined the launch to describe
their support for the program and outline plans to promote the 20/20 challenge
to their employees and students.

The 20/20 campaign is sponsored by the City of Toronto in partnership with
other municipal health agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. Funding is
provided by the Government of Canada Climate Change Action Fund, the Toronto
Atmospheric Fund and Environment Canada.

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