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August 8, 2002
Wigwamen to build affordable housing at 20 Sewells Road
(Note: This release is being distributed on behalf of all three levels of

A 92-unit apartment building is slated for construction and when completed will
provide housing for homeless families and individuals and those at risk of
homelessness. All three levels of government and Wigwamen Inc. are working
together to make this project a reality.

Funding is being contributed by all three levels of government and the
0.6-hectare site will be donated by the Governments of Canada and Ontario.
Wigwamen Inc., Ontario's oldest and largest urban native housing provider, will
develop the project at 20 Sewells Road in Scarborough.

"This is an excellent example of how the Government of Canada is co-ordinating
the use of a number of different programs and resources to work with the
Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto and community organizations such as
Wigwamen to create responses to address homelessness effectively. Today's
announcement brings us closer to our mutual goal of ensuring that appropriate
support and facilities are in place to respond to the needs of those who are
homeless or at risk of homelessness," said Derek Lee, Member of Parliament for
Scarborough-Rouge River, on behalf of the Honourable Claudette Bradshaw,
Minister of Labour and Federal Coordinator on Homelessness in a joint statement.

Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Chris Hodgson said: "This
initiative is another step in our commitment under the provincial homelessness
strategy to make public lands available for affordable housing. In total, the
government of Ontario is providing more than $100 million in new initiatives to
assist people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless."

"Transitional and affordable housing are desperately needed in the City of
Toronto and this project will provide housing that will be welcomed by
families, adults and youth. This housing initiative, which will be undertaken
with the partnership of all levels of government and a well respected community
housing provider, is an important step in addressing homelessness in the City
of Toronto," said Councillor Olivia Chow, Chair of the City's Community
Services Committee.

Derek Lee, Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Rouge River, on behalf of the
Honourable Claudette Bradshaw also announced today that $2 million in funding
will be provided to Wigwamen Inc., through the Supporting Communities
Partnership Initiative under the National Homelessness Initiative, for
construction. Government of Canada funding for the National Homelessness
Initiative was provided for in the December 2001 federal Budget and is built
into the existing financial framework.

The 20 Sewells Road site, with an estimated value of $675,000, is currently 75%
owned by the Government of Canada and 25% by the Province of Ontario.

In addition to their portion of the land contribution, the Ontario government
will also provide $579,000 in rent supplements for at least the first five
years to help make the 92 units more affordable.

The City of Toronto is contributing $2.2 million in capital funding and
exemptions from development and related charges under its Let's Build program.
Last week, Toronto Council approved Wigwamen Inc. as the project developer and
accepted the transfer of the site from the federal and provincial governments
for $1. The City will lease this land to Wigwamen Inc. for 50 years at no

Wigwamen already owns and manages over 300 units in the City of Toronto
including Wigwamen Terrace, an apartment complex for seniors and 215 family
homes scattered throughout Toronto. This latest project will include 35 units
of transitional housing targeted to persons who are currently homeless, and 57
units of affordable housing targeted to households that are facing

The project is expected to be completed in

For more information, contact:

David Klug
Minister Bradshaw's office

Diedre Yukich
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Phil Brown
Shelter, Housing & Support, City of Toronto

Jim Miller
Minister Chris Hodgson's Office

For more information on the Government of Canada's National Homelessness
Initiative, visit

For more information on the Province of Ontario's Homelessness Initiative,

For more information on the City of Toronto's Let's Build Initiative, visit

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