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January 30, 2002
Mayor pushes for creation of Auditor General
Mayor Mel Lastman today announced he'll be pushing for approval of an
Independent Auditor General for the City of Toronto at tomorrow's Policy and
Finance Committee meeting.

"The sooner we create this office, the better," Lastman said, urging other
members of the committee to follow his lead. "It's not good enough to be told a
mistake was made two years after the fact. I want someone who can help us avoid
making mistakes in the first place."

The Mayor said an Independent Auditor General would both report to Council once
a year and monitor the City's bottom line on an on-going basis. The extra set
of eyes will be complemented by an enhanced internal audit team which will
check City contracts to ensure taxpayers are getting the best bang their buck
can buy.

Earlier this month, the Mayor's Task Force on the Establishment of an
Independent Auditor General filed its report "Serving Council and Citizens:
Strengthening the Audit Function at the City of Toronto."

Among other recommendations, the report said the City would be well-served by
an Independent Auditor General and suggested the creation of an Independent
Auditor General's office could save Toronto millions of dollars.

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