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May 29, 2002
City "strong and getting stronger": Mayor
The City of Toronto is on the move, Mayor Mel Lastman told members of the
Scarborough Chamber of Commerce today in his fo urth Annual State of the City Address.

"Last year, five major international corporations set up shop in our city and
another 56 expanded," Lastman said. "Our biotech sector alone grew by 30 per
cent and there are probably more cranes on our skyline today than there ever
have been before!"

Today, the Mayor said, the provincial and the federal governments are back in
the transit business; they're helping fund our waterfront's revitalization,
they're working out a $250 million cultural grant package - and the entire
country is talking about giving cities a new deal.

Through the efforts of FCM, the C5 and the up-coming City Summit, he said,
long-term, sustainable funding for Canada's major urban centres will finally be
within grasp.

"A year ago, who would have thought that not one, but two Tory leadership
hopefuls would speak out in favour of sharing the gas tax with Toronto?"
Lastman asked rhetorically.

"How many of you could have predicted that Ottawa would recommend that we get
long-term, sustainable funding and new fiscal powers?

"We've agreed on the problems and we know the solutions. People are starting to
realize that the future of Canada is in its cities. Now what we need is action.
Help me keep our city moving in the right direction. Keep writing to your MPs
and your MPPs; keep demanding a new deal for your city. With your continued
help, I know that we will get one."

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Jim Warren, Mayor's Office, 416-395-6482



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