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March 12, 2002
Census findings underscore Toronto's need for sustainable funding: Mayor
The 2001 Census findings show beyond a shadow of a doubt why Toronto needs a
new deal from the provincial and federal governments, Mayor Mel Lastman said

"More people are moving to Toronto than any other city in the GTA," Lastman
said after learning from Statistics Canada that the City's population grew by
100,000 in 2001. "I'm glad that so many people have chosen to call our City
home - but an increase in population means an increase in costs."

The Mayor said more people means more cars, more pollution, more community
facilities and a greater demand on Toronto's infrastructure, emergency and
social safety nets.

"The only thing missing from the equation is more money for Toronto," Lastman
said, noting that the City's sole source of revenue is the property tax base.

"Many new residents live with friends or family before striking out on their
own," he said. "They're paying Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax and Sales
Tax. They're using City services - but they're not paying property tax until
they rent their own apartment or buy their own house.

"Toronto won't be able to afford to keep growing like this without a
sustainable source of revenue to offset the costs."

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