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May 1, 2002
Join in with the Mayor to clean up the City and start your home clean up today
Keeping your property clean and free of litter and debris is part of being a
responsible homeowner or business owner -- and it's the law. Dumping garbage on
city streets, boulevards and public or private property is also illegal. Here
are some basic tips to keep your property safe and clean.

Private property maintenance
Your property must comply with the minimum maintenance and occupancy standards
set in the Property and Standards regulations of the Toronto Municipal Code.
You should follow these requirements:

· keep yards clean and free from junk, rubbish, brush, refuse, litter, garbage
and other debris that may be a hazard to health, fire and safety and contribute
to rodent infestation

· keep grass no more than 20 centimetres (8 inches) high

· maintain all buildings or structures in good repair and ensure they are
structurally sound.

Keep unsafe appliances away from children
Do not leave an unused icebox, refrigerator, freezer, clothes washer or dryer
or other similar appliance or container in places where children can
accidentally be trapped in them, unless all locks and doors have been removed.

Swimming pool fences
Owners of outdoor swimming pools must maintain a proper fence around their
swimming pools according to the fence requirements stated in the Toronto
Municipal Code.

Report any unsafe conditions
You are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions, excessive garbage,
unsightly debris or illegal dumping on a private property in your
neighbourhood, to your local Municipal Licensing and Standards Office so that
immediate action can be taken to eliminate the hazard:
North Office, North York Civic Centre 416-395-7011
West Office, York Civic Centre 416-394-2535
East Office, Scarborough Civic Centre 416-396-7071
South Offices, Toronto City Hall
- North Satellite Office 416-392-6940
- East Satellite Office 416-392-0827
- West Satellite Office 416-392-0855

If you ignore a City order to comply, a contractor may be hired to clean up
your property and the cost will be applied to your property tax bill. You may
also be subject to legal action.

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