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April 4, 2002
Thinking of riding your bike to work?
The Toronto Cycling Committee (TCC) recommends that cyclists and motorists keep
in mind the following cycling safety tips when using city streets:


1. Do a bike check before you ride. (Check to make sure all parts are tightly
fastened and are in working order - saddle, handle bars, pedals, brakes and
horn or bell.)
2. Wear safety gear. (An approved helmet and dress appropriately for weather.)
3. Pick a route. Choice a route that is comfortable for your skill level. Try
residential or minor arterial roads.)
4. Obey the Highway Traffic Act. (Stop at all red lights and stop signs,
shoulder check, signal at turns, follow one way streets, remember sidewalks are
for pedestrians, watch out for open car doors and ride in a straight line
5. Lock your bike. (Use a strong lock or two. Lock your bike in a visible spot
with lots of pedestrian traffic.)


1. Bikes are vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act. (They have all road user
rights, including the right to use a whole lane where necessary.)
2. Leave at least a metre clearance when passing cyclists at city speeds.
3. Check for cyclists before opening doors.
4. Watch out for cyclists when turning right or left.
5. Signal your turns well in advance.
6. Do not pass cyclists when they are crossing streetcar or railroad tracks.
7. Do not park in bike lanes.
8. Honk in an emergency only.

For more specific information on each tip, visit
or call 416-392-7592.

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