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November 1, 2002
Toronto takes action to protect occupants of 1510 King Street West
As a result of the fire safety inspection that Toronto Fire Services and the
Ontario Fire Marshall conducted on October 29, Toronto Fire Services today
asked occupants of 1510 King Street West to leave the property out of concern
for their safety. The inspection determined the building at 1510 King Street
West has serious fire safety defects and that the occupants of the building
were at risk in the event of a fire.

Toronto Fire Services informed the occupants of the building on the evening of
October 29 that the property was being put under a fire watch as a result of
the findings of the fire safety inspection. Since the start of the fire watch,
Intelligarde International Inc. security services has been conducting a 24-hour
fire watch at the site on behalf of Toronto Fire Services. This has included
regular radio contact with the local fire station and patrols of the building.

On October 30, Toronto Fire Services issued and served the owner of the
property, the Province of Ontario, with a notice that there existed a fire risk
posing an immediate threat to the lives of the persons occupying the building.
The Province was also informed of the actions that had been taken and also
would be taken to remove or reduce this threat to life.

To assist those asked to leave, the City of Toronto has invoked its Rooming
House Emergency Response Protocol. Support services will be available to them.

All those asked to leave have been provided with a written notice stating that
safety concerns exist in the building and support services will be available to

All personal belongings of former occupants will be available for pick-up until
November 8, 2002.

Hostel space has been reserved and is available for all persons asked to leave
1510 King Street West wishing to make use of hostel space.

Toronto City Council, in July 2002 requested that the Province of Ontario, as
the owner of the property, transfer title of the property to the City of
Toronto free and clear of all encumbrances, for use as affordable housing.

Text of the notice to occupants of 1510 King Street:

You are required to vacate this building under Section 15 of the Fire
Protection and Prevention Act due to concerns for your safety because of
existing fire code violations in the building.

The Canadian Red Cross and other service agencies are here to provide support,
help you to find other accommodation and to assist you with transportation.

You should pick up your identification, medication and other essential items
prior to leaving the building. Toronto Fire Services will be registering your
names as you leave the building so that you can return to pick up other
belongings that may be left behind. You must register your name in order to be
able to re-enter the building.

You will be able to return to the building to pick up your possessions between
noon and 5 pm up until Friday, November 8th.

After today, should you need any further support you can call Woodgreen
Community Centre at 416-275-3063.

Section 15 of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997

15.(1) If the Fire Marshal, an assistant to the Fire Marshal or a fire chief
has reasonable grounds to believe that a risk of fire poses an immediate threat
to life, he or she may, without a warrant, enter on any land or premises and,
for the purpose of removing or reducing the threat, may,
(a) remove persons on the land or premises;
(b) post a fire watch;
(c) remove combustible or explosive material or anything that may constitute a
fire menace;
(d) eliminate ignition sources;
(e) install temporary safeguards, including fire extinguishers and smoke
(f) make minor repairs to existing fire safety systems;
(g) do any other thing that the Fire Marshal, an assistant to the Fire Marshal
or a fire chief has reasonable grounds to believe is urgently required to
remove or reduce the threat to life.
Notice to owner
(2) A person who enters land or premises under subsection (1) shall promptly
after exercising any powers under this section give notice thereof to the owner
if the owner's whereabouts in Ontario are known.
Notice to be posted
(3) The person who gives notice under subsection (2) shall post a copy of the
notice on the land or premises.
Contents of notice
(4) The notice shall,
(a) describe the location of the land or premises;
(b) state the reason for the entry; and
(c) state the things done under subsection (1) to remove or reduce the threat
to life.
Use of force
(5) A person who enters on land or premises under this section may call on
police officers as necessary and may use force as necessary to make the entry.

Media Contact
Jack Collins,
Division Chief, Fire Prevention Division

Sean Goetz-Gadon,
Special Advisor, Shelter Housing and Support



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