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April 15, 2003
City Council approves fuel cell demonstration at Exhibition Place
Works and Emergency Services - The City of Toronto's Energy
Efficiency Office and Fleet Services Division, in partnership with Hydrogenics
Corporation and Exhibition Place, are implementing a three-year fuel cell
demonstration project to take place at Exhibition Place. The first phase of the
demonstration will commence in the summer of 2003.

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert the energy of a chemical
reaction between oxygen and hydrogen directly into electricity. This
leading-edge technology has the potential to eliminate emissions because its
only by-products are water and heat. The demonstration project at Exhibition
Place will illustrate the potential of zero-emissions fuel cell technology for
City of Toronto facilities and vehicles. During the first phase of the project,
a Hydrogenics fuel cell stationary power generator will handle peak electricity
demands for Exhibition Place's National Trade Centre. In addition, this phase
of the project will offer the public an opportunity to see the operation of a
smog-free, fuel cell-powered John Deere vehicle that Hydrogenics and John Deere
jointly developed. Phases two and three of the project plan to showcase ongoing
advancements in fuel cell technology and hydrogen infrastructure.

"Once again, we are giving City of Toronto residents a first glimpse of this
new and emerging technology at Exhibition Place," said Councillor Mario Silva,
Chair of the Board, Exhibition Place. "We are especially elated that through
the fuel cell demonstration project, we are playing a role in increasing public
awareness on clean energy sources."

"The fuel cell demonstration project is part of a city-wide mandate to reduce
carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent, relative to the 1990 levels, by 2005,"
said John Warren, Director, Environmental Services, Works and Emergency
Services, City of Toronto. "As an alternative, renewable energy source, fuel
cells are already used in some cities in the United States, Asia and Europe. A
move towards a fuel cell economy is not only a move towards a cleaner and
sustainable environment, but also provides a significant economic impact for
Toronto and Canada. This industry has the potential to be a multi-billion
dollar industry for Canada within a decade."

Hydrogenics Corporation is a fuel cell developer located in the Greater Toronto
Area (GTA) and is a leading developer of fuel cell technology in Canada and the
United States. "The demonstration will show the public the state-of-the-art
fuel cell technology that Hydrogenics is developing right here in the GTA,"
says Pierre Rivard, President and CEO, Hydrogenics Corporation. "It will
showcase some of the commercial possibilities, as well as the enormous
environmental benefits of introducing fuel cell technology on its own and with
other types of renewable power generation. Exhibition Place has a strong
tradition of unveiling technology 'firsts' and we are proud to be part of that
ongoing tradition."

Media Contact
Richard Morris, Manager,
Energy Efficiency Office



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