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September 29, 2003
Candidates set for November 10 City of Toronto election
There are 345 candidates certified for this year's November 10 City of Toronto
municipal election. Forty-four names will appear on the ballot for mayor this
year, 199 candidates for city councillor, and 103 candidates for school trustee.

Seventeen individuals withdrew their names from candidacy today - one for
Office of Mayor, eight candidates for city councillor, and eight school board
trustee candidates. All other candidates have been certified by the City Clerk
and will appear on this year's ballots.

As a result of the close of nominations, withdrawals and certification, the
following candidates have been acclaimed for the Nov. 10 election:
Giorgio Mammoliti, Councillor, Ward 7 York-West
David Shiner, Councillor, Ward 24 Willowdale
Elizabeth Hill, Trustee, Ward 6 - Toronto public school board
Irene Atkinson, Trustee, Ward 7 - Toronto public school board
Josh Matlow, Trustee, Ward 11 - Toronto public school board
Sheila Ward, Trustee, Ward 14 - Toronto public school board
Paul Crawford, Trustee, Ward 12 - Toronto separate school board
Francois Guerin, Trustee, Ward 2 - French public school board
Denys Begin, Trustee, Ward 3 - French public school board
Alain Masson, Trustee, Ward 4 - French public school board
Claude D'Aigle, Trustee, Ward 3 - French separate school board

The complete list of all candidates, including withdrawals, is available on the
City's Web site at

Advance weekday voting runs October 20-24 and October 27-29 at City Hall and
the five civic centres from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ward advance voting takes place
on Saturday, November 1 and Sunday, November 2 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Voters do
not need a special reason to vote at advance voting locations. Voters are also
reminded to check the voters' list by calling 416-338-1111.

On Election Day, November 10, voting places are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Media contacts:
Greg Essensa, Director of Election Services, 416-392-8019;
Brad Ross, City of Toronto Media Relations, 416-392-8937, 416-919-6503 (cell)



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