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August 22, 2003
Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant is fully operational
Works and Emergency Services - Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant, located downtown
on Toronto's waterfront, remains fully operational despite a fire at one of its
buildings that occurred late last night, Thursday, August 21. Toronto Fire
Services has been on site throughout the night fighting the fire, which
currently remains to be of undetermined cause. The fire is under investigation
with the Ontario Fire Marshall.

The Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant is not a water filtration plant; rather it
processes and treats sewage. Therefore, there are no issues regarding drinking
water quality or water supply. The plant has electrical power and all sewage
processing and treatment is under control. Several adjustments have been made
to allow the plant to remain fully operational.

In addition to treating sewage, the plant also produces biosolids out of
treated sewage sludge. The fire directly affected the building used for this
purpose. Treated sewage sludge is either sent directly for land applications,
made into pellets that are used as a bulking agent for fertilizers or disposed
of at sanitary landfills. At this point, due to the fire damage, the City is
not able to produce biosolid pellets, but can continue to provide treated
sewage sludge for land applications on Ontario farmlands.

Mike Price, General Manager of Water and Wastewater Services, stated, "Let me
reassure Toronto residents, the Ashbridges Bay sewage treatment plant is fully
operational and there is no risk of encountering sewer back-ups. Fortunately,
there was no one injured as a result of the fire, no fumes, no air pollution or

Media Contact
Mike Price
General Manager, Water and Wastewater Services
Works and Emergency Services



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