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December 9, 2003
Be a good neighbour - Clear ice and snow from your property
Residents and business owners in Toronto are being asked to be good neighbours
by clearing the ice and snow from the sidewalk adjacent to their properties in
areas where the City does not provide the service.

Although the City provides sidewalk snow clearing in much of Toronto, there are
a few areas where equipment is unable to effectively access sidewalks. Most of
these areas are in the downtown core.

A general rule of thumb is that residents and businesses whose property is
located where there is continued on-street parking and narrow sidewalks are
required to clear snow and ice from their properties.

Residents who fail to clear the ice and snow are subject to a fine of $105 as
per city by-law 530-1999.

"We want residents and business owners to be good neighbours and clear the ice
and snow from the front of their properties," said Gary Welsh, Director of
Transportation Services. "By doing so, the sidewalks will be safe for
everyone. "We also want people to limit their salt use and, whenever possible,
use environmentally friendly products instead of salt wherever possible," he

Welsh added that residents are also being asked to keep parked cars off roads
whenever possible during snow storms and to avoid shoveling snow back onto the

Media contact:
Steve Johnston, Sr. Communications Coordinator, Works and Emergency Services,



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