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February 6, 2003
Letter to the Editor
The following is the main text of a letter to the editors of the Toronto Star
and The Globe and Mail from City of Toronto Chief Administrative Officer
Shirley Hoy:

As the City of Toronto's Chief Administrative Officer, I am deeply troubled by
recent articles and commentary and the erroneous impressions created by these
items with respect to the conduct of City staff.

Unfounded allegations and innuendo cast suspicion over an entire organization,
needlessly damage the reputation of a dedicated Toronto Public Service and do a
disservice to your readers.

I am writing this letter to make your readers aware of the measures that the
City's administration have put into place, with Council's approval, to ensure
the accountability of staff when dealing with such matters related to their

The City of Toronto passed the Conflict of Interest Policy in August 2000 and
communicated its existence internally and externally. Staff were apprised of
this policy, it is posted on the City's Web site, and this policy is also provided to all those seeking to do business
with the City (extracts are contained in City procurement documents).

Included in the Conflict of Interest policy is an appendix that specifically
deals with how staff are to conduct themselves when they come in contact with

The City of Toronto Fraud Policy was passed by Toronto City Council on April 23, 2001.
On February 13, 2002 a hotline was established
to which anyone may report any suspected situation involving fraud or waste.

Staff are held accountable for following the letter and spirit of these
policies. Wherever and whenever any issue regarding staff conduct has come into
question, the City has acted quickly to investigate and take corrective
action. Senior management has worked closely with the Auditor General, and the
City Solicitor on several important initiatives to ensure the continued quality
of the service we provide residents and business in Toronto.

I have been a municipal public servant in Toronto for close to three decades.
My experience is that integrity, accountability, professionalism and dedication
is the norm, not the exception at the City of Toronto and in all the former
municipalities. I believe that City staff strive to always conduct themselves
in an ethical manner and deliver services to residents at a very high standard.

Any organization the size of the City of Toronto will have problems that arise
from time to time. The test of its strength and integrity is how quickly it
detects these problems and takes corrective action. The administration of the
City of Toronto has met this challenge and will continue to respond whenever

Shirley Hoy
Chief Administrative Officer
City of Toronto

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Shirley Hoy
Chief Administrative Officer



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