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July 2, 2003
City of Toronto launches campaign to encourage Torontonians to be tourists in their own town
The City of Toronto has launched the second phase of the "Toronto: You Belong
Here" recovery campaign. The City is spending $5 million to convince
Torontonians to stay in town this summer and patronize local businesses, events
and attractions.

The high-impact marketing and advertising campaign will focus on boosting local
attendance at specific events, festivals and attractions in order to offset an
expected decrease in out-of-town tourists. The campaign has started with print
and radio advertising last week. The main focus of the campaign, an
emotion-driving television commercial, will air this week.

This next phase provides direct support to existing 'signature' events which
have a major economic impact on the city, such as Caribana and the Toronto
International Film Festival. The support takes the form of television and radio
commercials, print advertisements, public relations and promotions that are
specifically tagged to each event.

The City is supporting other smaller local events and festivals taking place
this summer by promotion in the playbook and on the website, waiving certain
City fees valued at a total of approximately $500,000. An additional $200,000
has been allocated to support six events and festivals in Toronto's Chinese

Components of the Toronto: You Belong Here campaign include:

-- TV and Radio commercials that feature a new theme song composed by local
songwriter expressly for this campaign and for the City. The commercials and
print ads will promote specific events, attractions and festivals.
-- A Playbook with coupons and promotions that Torontonians can use as a guide
to summer fun in Toronto. One million copies will be distributed in the Toronto
Star and made available through MacDonald's and Sears outlets across the city,
the Eaton Centre, community centres and tourism offices and hotels.
-- A team of energetic "Ambassadors" who will take to the streets in "
Toronto: You Belong Here" uniforms to promote the campaign and hand out copies
of the Playbook.

Rounding out the program will be ongoing publicity to keep the overall campaign
front and centre in the minds of Torontonians and their guests.

Fact Sheet: The Mayor's Toronto: You Belong Here Recovery Task Force

-- The Mayor's SARS Recovery Task Force was formed as a result of the special
City Council meeting on April 24, 2003. It is formed to act as a clearinghouse
of all City of Toronto initiatives to revitalize the City of Toronto, engage
Torontonians to enjoy their City, and to encourage tourists and business
travellers to visit the City. The Task Force was renamed the Mayor's Toronto:
You Belong Here Recovery Task Force on May 7, 2003.

-- The Task Force is chaired by Mayor Mel Lastman. Membership includes:
Ø Deputy Mayor Case Ootes
Ø Councillor Gerry Altobello, Chair, Planning and Transportation Committee
Ø Councillor Olivia Chow, Chair, Community Services Committee
Ø Councillor Brad Duguid, Chair, Works Committee
Ø Councillor Doug Holyday, Chair, Administration Committee
Ø Councillor Minnan-Wong, Chair, Economic Development and Parks Committee
Ø Councillor David Shiner, Chair, Budget Advisory Committee
Ø Councillor Joe Mihevc, Chair, Board of Health
Ø Councillor Sherene Shaw, Diversity Advocate

-- The Task Force has structured itself around five work themes - public
health, global positioning, engaging Torontonians, hardship relief and
social/community. Councillor champions are assigned to each theme. City staff
are assigned to support Councillors to develop and implement the work plans for
these themes.
-- At its meeting on April 24, City Council also approved $5.5 million in
funding towards the City's economic recovery efforts.

Toronto: You Belong Here Campaign

-- The Toronto: You Belong Here Campaign was launched on May 9. The target
audience of the campaign is residents in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.
The main objective of the campaign is to motivate and engage Torontonians to
support their city by attending events, visiting attractions, patronizing
restaurants, shopping in stores -- in general, be tourists in their own town.
-- The campaign began with a Mother's Day promotion, which included
television, print and radio advertising. The promotion aimed to encourage
Torontonians to take their mothers to restaurants for Mother's Day. Restaurants
reported brisk business on the Mother's Day weekend.
-- The campaign followed with a Victoria Day promotion, which included two
main components. First, Toronto ambassadors were dispatched to the airport to
welcome visitors coming to town via Air Canada's Canada Loves Toronto campaign.
The ambassadors were also present at Union Station and local shopping malls to
encourage local Torontonians to come out and enjoy their City. A special
Victoria Day weekend booklet was printed, and distributed by these ambassadors
in a Toronto: You Belong Here welcome package. At the same time, four fireworks
and entertainment events were organized across the City and promoted with print
and radio advertising. The campaign garnered positive feedback from visitors,
and the fireworks attracted crowds close to 100,000.
-- The City is providing support to six Chinese festivals and events
throughout the summer, including the International Drumming Festival (June 7
and 8), The Toronto International Dragon Boat Races Festival (June 21 and 22),
DragonFest 2003 (July 12), The Scarborough Fair (July 13), The Toronto
Chinatown Festival (August 16 and 17) and the Festival of Flavours at Chinese
restaurants (June to August).
-- The next phase of the Toronto: You Belong Here campaign is a high impact
integrated communications campaign that was launched at the end of June and
will continue until the end of 2003.
-- The integrated campaign includes television, radio, print and outdoor
advertising, 1 million copies of a playbook with information on summer events
and attractions and incentive coupons, Toronto: You Belong Here ambassadors,
public relations and media relations.
-- The campaign also includes a strong multicultural component, with materials
and support targetted at the Chinese community as well as other ethnic

Support to Events and Festivals

-- The Task Force provides specific promotional and marketing support to
existing events and festivals across the City through the Toronto: You Belong
Here campaign. Television, radio and print advertising, as well as the playbook
include specific reference to and promotion of eight signature events
throughout the summer. TYBH ambassadors will help welcome participants at
different events.

-- The Task Force approved a one-time waiver of fees for events and festivals
from June to September 30, 2003. Fees waived include:
Ø Road closure permit fees
Ø Barricades where the City is currently responsible for supplying the
barricades for traffic management
Ø Parks and Recreation Infrastructure fees, including picnic tables and garbage
cans, barricades and snow barriers, showmobile and staging/risers, and
stakeouts for physical structures or connections, e.g. tents.

-- In cooperation with HRDC, the City is hiring up to 20 summer students who
will be assigned events and festivals to help support their operational and
logistical requirements. These students will be coordinated and assigned
through the City's Special Events Office.

-- An additional 100 students will be hired through HRDC to help "shine the
city" in local parks.

Contact Information

Individuals or corporations wishing to reach the Secretariat can

Mayor's Toronto: You Belong Here Recovery Task Force Secretariat
8th Floor, East Tower
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2


Winnie Li
Secretariat Lead


Fact Sheet: One-time fee waiver for events and festivals -- June to
September 2003

At its meeting on June 4, 2003, the Mayor's Toronto: You Belong Here Recovery
Task Force approved a one-time waiver of fees for events and festivals from
June to September 30, 2003.

The following fees will be waived:
 Road closure permit fees
 Barricades where the City is currently responsible for supplying the
barricades for traffic management
 Parks and Recreation Infrastructure Fees, including:
 picnic tables and garbage cans
 barricades and snow barriers
 showmobile and staging/risers
 stakeouts for physical structures or connections, e.g. tents

The following conditions apply to fee waivers:
 Services have already been requested in the permit application or are already
included in the issued permit
 Services are similar to those requested in previous years, where applicable
 Services are subject to availability

The following fees are excluded:
 Police
 Parks and Facility Permit Fees
 Signage where event organizers have contracted with private suppliers in the
 Barricades where event organizers have contracted with private suppliers in
the past
 Road operation charges, where applicable
 Waste management/clean-up charges, where applicable

 All events and festivals that take place from June 1, 2003 to September 30,
 Excludes concerts, performances not associated with overarching festival,

 Fee waiver will be administered automatically by respective departmental
 Event organizers who have already paid fees for events and festivals during
the effective period will receive a refund.

Contact for further information

Works and Emergency Services
Angie Antoniou
Manager, Right of Way Management
Transportation Services
Tel: 416-392-1525

Emergency Medical Services
Peter Rotolo
Manager, Special Services
Tel: 416-392-2059

Economic Development, Culture and Tourism
Parks and Recreation
Norm Lebrun
Supervisor, Customer Service
Administration and Support Services
Tel: 416-338-2559

The Second Phase of the Toronto: You Belong Here Campaign

Campaign Objectives

 Encourage Torontonians to be tourists in their own town -- to come out and
attend the events, festivals, attractions and businesses across the City.
 Rally Torontonians to work together and support the City through this
challenging period.
 Foster economic substitution -- with tourism likely to be down this summer,
motivate Torontonians to stay in Toronto for their vacation (the GDP of Toronto
is $200 billion, Torontonians can make a difference ourselves)

Campaign Time Frame

 From June 2003 to December 2003

Campaign Budget

 The budget for the Toronto: You Belong Here Campaign is $5 million, including
Mother's Day and Victoria Day campaigns, support to the Chinese festivals, and
this next phase.
 This is part of the $5.5 million approved by City Council on April 24 for
Toronto's SARS economic recovery efforts.

Campaign Components

The Agency
 The City has retained BBDO Canada Inc. to develop and execute the Toronto:
You Belong Here campaign

The Toronto Song
 The campaign features an original song: Right Here with Me
 It is written by local songwriter and artist Jason Gleed, and produced by
Grayson Matthews Inc.
 The song is featured in 60-second and 30-second television commercials, and
in all radio commercials

Television Advertising
 launch July 1 with a 60-second anthem spot
 Features Torontonians and celebrities in life across the City of Toronto
 Rallies support for the City by capturing the emotional bond of Torontonians
to their City
 The 30-second version will run the week of July 7. It will feature 6-second
tags for different signature events. This tag will change throughout the summer.
 Celebrities in the commercial include Maestro and Michee Mee, Damhnait Doyle,
Jeff Adams, Doug Gilmour, Barenaked Ladies and Jason Priestley. All celebrities
participated in the commercial on a pro-bono basis.
 The commercial was filmed over three days at various locations across Toronto.
 The estimated cost for the production of the commercial is $600,000. All
filming and production costs are provided free of charge by Partners Film Co. ,
through BBDO Canada Inc.
 The commercials will be aired on six television stations -- CityTV, Global,
CTV, CH, Omni 1 and 2
 An adapted version of the commercial will be aired in Chinese television

Radio Advertising
 Direct mention and support of festivals and attractions
 launched week of June 23, featuring Pride Week, CHIN Picnic and Toronto
Downtown Jazz Festival
 30-second commercials feature the campaign song and highlights an event or
attraction for the week
 The commercial will be played on seven radio stations -- CHUM-FM, CHFI-FM,
 Fairchild and CHIN for ethnic communities

Print Advertising
 Directly features events and festivals throughout the summer
 Launched the week of June 23, featuring Pride Week
 Eight signature events will be featured throughout the summer
 Ads will appear in:
 Toronto Star, 2 insertions per week on Friday and Saturdays
 Toronto Sun, 2 insertions per week on Thursdays and Saturdays
 Metro Today, 1 insertion per week on Fridays
 Community newspapers, one insertion per week on Fridays, beginning July 4
 Niche media (Share, Caribbean Camera) for specific ads, e.g. Caribana

Transit Shelter Advertising
 110 locations from July 14 to end of August
 Three images imitating the cut-outs for fun photography at fairs and
highlights the Toronto: You Belong Here theme
 Builds emotional support and awareness of the campaign and the slogan
 Drives people to check the website for further information.

 Distribution will begin on July 1 with ambassadors distributing the book at
Canada Day events across the City
 1 million copies are printed
 The playbook will be distributed at McDonald's and Sears stores across the
GTA, hotels, attractions, tourism offices, civic centres, and by ambassadors.
 The playbook will also be inserted into the Toronto Star
 The playbook can be downloaded from the City's website at
 The playbook includes information on eight signature events, including the
Celebrate Toronto Street Festival presented by Shoppers Drug Mart, the Molson
Indy, The Beaches International Jazz Festival, Caribana, the 10th Annual Krinos
Taste of the Danforth, the Canadian National Exhibition, the Toronto
International Film Festival and the Word on the Street
 The playbook also includes a listing of other events and attractions
throughout the City in July, August and September.
 The playbook features incentive packages in hotels and attractions
 The playbook includes a contest component -- those who collect two or more
stamps at featured events or featured attractions can submit the stamped card
at the end of summer to win a variety of prizes.
 The playbook can be stamped by ambassadors at the eight signature events or
at Casa Loma or the Toronto Zoo

 20 young and energetic uniformed TYBH ambassadors in four teams of 5 will be
visiting events, festivals and malls throughout the summer
 The ambassadors will assist in welcoming visitors to events and attractions
as well as provide event information
 The ambassadors will travel in four SUVs, branded with the Toronto: You
Belong Here slogan.
 The ambassadors will handout the playbooks and stamp the playbooks at the
eight signature events.
 Community event organizers can request for the presence of ambassadors by
contacting the Mayor's Task Force Secretariat.

Web site
 A Toronto: You Belong Here Mini-site is being established and directly linked
from the City of Toronto main site,
 The site features the eight signature events, the events calendar, attraction
coupons, as well as a week-by-week update of events, attractions and shows
throughout the City.
 All commercials, ads and playbook drive users to the website.

Ethnic campaign
 A special campaign will be run in the Chinese community and ethnic media
 An adapted television commercial will be aired on Fairchild and Omni 2
 Radio advertising in ethnic languages will be featured on Fairchild and CHIN
radio stations

 Print advertising will be featured in various ethnic newspapers, including
Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Punjabi,
Vietnamese and Tagalog.

Media Relations and Public Relations
 Weekly media releases on events across the City throughout the summer
 Special media events and interview opportunities where appropriate

Campaign Sponsors
The City is grateful for the support our corporate partners in making this
campaign successful. Our partners include: Partners Film Co., McDonald's,
AirMiles, Sears Travel Group, Eaton Centre, Avis, Bell, Visa, TABIA (Toronto
Association of Business Improvement Areas), TTC, Telus, Tommy Hilfiger, events
organizers and attractions.

Media contact:
Winnie Li, Mayor's "Toronto: You Belong Here" Recovery Task Force Secretariat,
416 392-8183



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