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March 20, 2003
Toronto commits to wise use of water in marking World Water Day
Works and Emergency Services - The City of Toronto has embarked on the
implementation of its new Water Efficiency Plan that recognizes water as a
precious resource and commits to reducing water use city-wide by about 210
million litres a day by 2011.

"Water is a valuable and expensive resource and should be used responsibly,"
said Councillor Irene Jones, Toronto Water Advocate. "Canadians use twice as
much water as most European countries and pay less than half for it. The City
of Toronto's Water Efficiency Plan respects the principle of World Water Day,
which will be celebrated internationally this Saturday, March 22, and reminds
us to conserve water."

The Water Efficiency Plan, which was approved by Toronto City Council in
February 2003, sets the City on course to reduce by 15 per cent the average
daily demand for water by 2011. The plan identifies capital costs and water
volume savings, and sets out water efficient programs to reduce water use,
water loss and wastewater flows. Implementing a series of water efficiency
programs is the City's alternative to building or expanding costly water and
wastewater infrastructure, which will be required for handling future
population and employment growth. The cost of implementing water efficiency
programs is $74 million compared to $220 million -the estimated cost of
expanding the infrastructure.

On average, each Toronto resident uses about 253 litres of water a day.
"Toronto residents and businesses can help alleviate the need to expand water
and wastewater facilities by replacing big water users such as toilets and
washing machines with more water efficient models," said Councillor Jones.

The City's Toilet Replacement Program will help get rid of old water guzzling
toilets, which are responsible for using the most water in residential homes.
The City hopes to replace about 730,000 inefficient toilets in single family
homes and multi-unit buildings with six-litre models by 2011. This will reduce
water use by 100 million litres a day. The City is offering a cash incentive to
residents ($60 or $75 per inefficient toilet replaced) and businesses (up to
$100). A Clothes Washer Rebate Program is planned for spring 2003; and an
Outdoor Water Audit Program for single-family homes; apartment buildings; and
industrial, commercial and institutional buildings for summer 2003. An Indoor
Water Audit Program is recommended for the industrial, commercial and
institutional sector.

For more information, residents can call 416-392-7000 or visit the Water
Efficiency Web site at

Media Contact
John McKnight,
Supervisor, Water Efficiency,



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