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December 10, 2003
Toronto Public Health traces Tuberculosis contacts
Toronto Public Health is currently investigating a case of tuberculosis (TB) in
an individual who spent the past two and a half months in the Seaton House
shelter. The individual did not acquire TB at the shelter. He is from a TB
endemic country and recently arrived in Toronto.

Toronto Public Health has set up TB screening clinics at Seaton House for
staff, residents and volunteers who may have spent prolonged periods of time
with the individual.

"As with all TB cases in Toronto, we are tracking and testing anyone who was in
close contact with this individual to ensure the illness is not transmitted.
Early identification of contacts can help prevent the illness, and with proper
treatment, TB is curable," said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Associate Medical Officer of

Information is being sent to all emergency rooms, shelters, drop-in centres and
homeless care providers alerting them of this case, and reminding them to test
any patients from these settings who present symptoms suggestive of the

There are about 350 to 400 cases of TB in Toronto every year.

More information on TB is available at

Media contact:
Mary Margaret Crapper,
Toronto Public Health,



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