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December 4, 2003
City's new rebate program helps ease demand on water system
The City of Toronto launches its latest water efficiency initiative and cleans
up on savings in more ways than one. The new Wash 'n' Save program gives $60
cash back to Toronto residents who buy eligible water-efficient washing
machines. Water-efficient washing machines save water, energy, and money, and
help to ease the demand on the City's water and wastewater systems.

"We are committed to reducing water use city-wide, and the Wash 'n' Save
program is a great way to get Toronto residents to think about the way we use
water," said Pamela Georgopoulos, Supervisor of the City's Water Efficiency
programs. "If 10,000 conventional washing machines were replaced with
water-efficient models, we'd reduce water use by 500,000 litres a day,
providing enough water to service about 500 homes annually. A City-selected
water-efficient washing machine can save up to $123 on water and energy bills
per year."

The Wash 'n' Save program is one of the initiatives of the City of Toronto's
Water Efficiency Plan, which targets the heaviest water using fixtures in homes
and businesses. The plan aims to reduce water use across the city by 212
million litres a day (actually 275 million litres a day when summertime Peak
Day Demand is included) or 15 per cent by 2011. "Reducing overall water use
may become essential in continuing to provide excellent water services," said
Mike Price, General Manager of the Water and Wastewater Services Division. "As
the City of Toronto's population grows, so will the demand for water, calling
for an expansion of the existing water and wastewater infrastructure."
Expanding the system to meet predicted population growth could cost an
estimated $220 million. The City can avoid a costly expansion by encouraging
residents to avoid wasteful use of water by choosing water-efficient fixtures
for their homes and businesses.

The City of Toronto is working with many appliance retailers throughout the
city to make finding and buying a water-efficient washing machine easier. The
City's Wash 'n' Save label can now be found on more than 50 water-efficient
washing machine models at participating retailers. Residents can look for the
label when shopping for a new washing machine and help the City to meet its
water reducing goals.

The washing machines selected for the Wash 'n' Save program meet strict
water-efficiency guidelines set by the Consortium of Energy Efficiency. Most
of the washing machines in the City's Wash 'n' Save program are eligible for an
additional rebate from the Energy Star provincial sales tax rebate program. For
more information about the Wash 'n' Save program or the City's other cash
incentive programs (i.e. the toilet replacement program), visit or call 416-392-7000.

Media contact:
Paulette den Elzen, Senior Communications Co-ordinator, Works and Emergency
Services, 416-392-4310



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