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August 14, 2003
Using pedestrian crossovers safely
Works and Emergency Services - The Transportation Services Division is
concerned about the safety of pedestrians using pedestrian crossovers (also
known as crosswalks).

Here are some tips designed to make sure that pedestrians are safe when using
pedestrian crossovers.

* Use extra caution when approaching a crossover
* Pay attention to any pedestrian who may be about to enter the crossover
* Watch for flashing lights at a crossover
* Be prepared to stop when it is clear that pedestrians are about to use or
are using a crossover
* Do not pass another vehicle as you approach a crossover. (It is illegal to
pass within 30 metres of a crossover)

* Push the button at the crossover, point, pause and proceed with caution
across the road
* Enter the roadway only after you have determined that all drivers see you
and are prepared to stop
* Above all, use care and caution when crossing the road

Pedestrian crossovers are a useful method of assisting pedestrians in crossing
the road where no traffic lights exist. Following the tips listed above will
assist both pedestrians and drivers alike in making pedestrian crossovers as
safe as possible.

"There is no substitute for vigilance in traffic safety matters," said David
Kaufman, General Manager of the City's Transportation Services Division. "It is
important to remember that at traffic signals or crossovers, using care and
caution at all times is the best way to ensure safety for all road users."

Media Contact:
Les Kelman, Director, Traffic Management Centre,
Transportation Services Division, 416-392-5372



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