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January 8, 2003
Performer Backgrounders for Winterfest at Mel Lastman Square
Celebrate Toronto at Winterfest February 7, 
8 & 9
Developed by two former teachers from Texas, Barney and his huge list of
Friends have become synonymous with educational entertainment for children.
Since exploding onto the public television scene in 1992, Barney has reached
international rock-star status among the preschooler set and is now seen in
more than 100 countries on six continents. Today Barney¡¦s popularity is
grounded in its intelligent content and high entertainment value.

DiscoverAbility Inc.
DiscoverAbility Inc. presents a variety of stations to stimulate the young
children¡¦s athletic and artistic talents in a fun and cooperative adventure.
The Arts and Athletics programme provides growth opportunities for children
through practice, participation and achievement, emphasizing the importance of
fun and co-operative adventure.

Extreme Trampoline
Extreme Trampoline is a dynamic high-flying show featuring spectacular ski and
snowboard stunts. These competitive athletes have international competition
experience and have performed at fairs, festivals and sporting events around
North America. The team dazzles crowds with their high-flying aerial maneuvers
and astonishing skills, making a triple twisting layout double somersault look

High Strung
Toronto¡¦s High Strung presents charming aerial acrobatics, which ingeniously
blends circus arts, modern dance, and theatre to create an astonishing
spectacle high above. This light-hearted and charming troupe features elements
of acrobatics, dance, silks and hoops.

IceCulture Inc.
From small beginnings in the early 1990s when Iceculture Inc. was set up to
produce ice punch bowls for weddings, the company has grown to fill a new
12,000 sq. ft plant with big capacity walk-in freezer storage and studio space.
Along with creating sculptures for special occasions, private parties,
corporate functions and TV commercials and movies, IceCultrue Inc. also
participate in numerous carving competitions and public festivals and events.

Bing Jensen
Award-winning performer and songwriter, Bing Jensen creates a warm and inviting
atmosphere with his roster of original, witty and heartfelt songs. Each show is
sure to get kids up dancing, singing and clapping along. He has released
numerous albums, including Human Hands and Big Fat Hug, that bring a sense of
fun to young audiences.

Taborah Johnson
See Nathan Phillips Square Backgrounders

Kidz Kidding
The Kidz Kidding trio delights the whole family with their action-packed shows
and winning combination of music, comedy and family fun. Their unique,
entertaining and educational recordings earned them a 2002 Juno Award
nomination for Best Children's Album. Kidz Kidding has set themselves apart
from other family entertainers through their elaborate musical arrangements and
multi-style compositions.

Men in Tights
See Nathan Phillips Square Backgrounders

Motus O Dance Theatre
Motus O Dance Theatre, formed in 1990 by an American gymnast, an Australian
sheep shearer and a Canadian figure skater, creates shows that are visually
stimulating, physically challenging and full of youthful energy. Their
adaptations of Alice in Wonderland and the story of Petrouchka are colourful,
athletic and exhilarating adventures that capture a spirit that whisks
audiences away to a magical land.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) was created in 1939 as a public agency
to produce and distribute films and other audio-visual works which reflect
Canada to Canadians and the rest of the world. The newly opened NFB MEDIATHEQUE
in Toronto is a unique facility offering intimate film viewing experiences of
the National Film Board of Canada's award-winning collection with both
individual viewing stations and a 79-seat theatre. The NFB films that will
appear at Toronto Winterfest are The Cat Came Back (Director: Corbell Barker),
Juke Bar (Director: Martin Berry), The Magic of Anansi (Director: Vincent
Gauthier), Topsy Turvy (Director: Bill Maylone), Christopher Clean Up Your Room
(Director: Jamie Mason), From Far Away (Directors: Shira Avni and Serene El-Haj
Daoud), Lady Frances Simpson (Director: Christopher Hinton), The Sweater
(Director: Sheldon Cohen), Lights for Gita (Director: Michel Vo) and The Log
Driver (Director: John Weldon).

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus® Scholastic's The Magic School Bus® - Live
presents the "Travelling Sound Show©" pulls into town with a fantastic show of
singing and puppetry. The "Traveling Sound Show©" is a special presentation of
music, laughter and education. Through discovery and learning, the "The Frizz"
along with her eager students and the audience learn the science of sounds to
solve problems and make this a successful field trip.

Snapping Toes
Children's music duo Snapping Toes take to the stage with their action-packed
stage show filled with songs that tickle the funny bone and warm the heart.
Since 1996 they have been entertaining families from coast to coast with their
live and television performances. The group consists of Rob Davis as lead
singer, picker and on-stage punster and Ben Knight is singer, bassist and
on-stage prankster. Snapping Toes have just released their second CD of
original songs, Get Snappy.

Tara Tuma
Tara Tuma has been entertaining audiences with their high-energy live
performances and top-notch musicianship for the past 15 years. Born out of a
vibrant live music scene on the high school stages of Newmarket, Ontario, Tara
Tuma is an all-star band, pulling together some of the finest young talents.
Their most recent release is Sexy World.

Team Canine
Formerly known as Northern Borders K9 Performance Team, Team Canine
demonstrates dog sports including flyball, agility, frisbee, obedience, tricks,
freestyle, musical hoops, relay races, and high jumping. Striving to promote
positive and innovative training techniques, respect for dogs, and team spirit,
the team consists of both mixed breeds and purebred dogs.

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Event Supervisor, Marketing
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