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September 23, 2003
Mayor to Council: Keeping Fighting for Toronto
Mayor Mel Lastman today thanked Toronto City Councillors in a final address
that both reflected upon many of the accomplishments of the past and looked
ahead to the future.

"Together, we've tackled the critical issues that previous governments failed
to address," Lastman said, citing dozens of ways Toronto is better today than
it was in 1998. "We did these things together - and I think we did it with the
odds stacked against us. For being bold in the face of adversity, you have both
my respect and my thanks."

Lastman singled out Councillor Case Ootes for the "outstanding job" he did as
Deputy Mayor before recognizing the efforts of senior City officials and his
own staff.

He also mentioned friends like Father Tom Rosica, George Cohon, the people at
Molson, David and Ed Mirvish and Lenny and Johnny Lombardi, all of whom have
made extraordinary contributions to Toronto.

"Members of council, we've survived another three years," he summed up. "For
those of you who are staying, keep fighting for what you believe in. Keep
fighting for your constituents, your ward, and your City.

"If you do all of these things, you - and our City - will prevail."

Media contact:
Scot Magnish, Mayor's Office, 416-395-6482; or
Leona Barrington, Mayor's Office, 416-395-6472



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