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April 28, 2003
Mayor's Task Force on SARS Recovery Sets Agenda
The Mayor's Task Force on SARS Recovery got down to business today,
establishing the structure of the Task Force and setting the agenda to ensure
that both a short term recovery strategy is launched quickly and that a longer
term recovery strategy is ready to be launched when the time is right to do so.

The Task Force established five sub-committees and assigned Councillor
Champions for each that will set the agenda for action:

Public Health (Councillor Mihevc and the Medical Officer of Health)
Global Positioning (Councillors Minnan-Wong, Ootes and Shiner)
Engaging Torontonians (Mayor Lastman and Councillors Holyday, Shaw, Chow and
Hardship Relief (Councillors Altobello and Mihevc)
Social/Community (Councillors Chow and Shaw)

The first goal of the Task Force is to begin work on an aggressive short-term
campaign to encourage Torontonians to enjoy the many attractions and
restaurants the City has to offer.

The Mayor will be meeting with Prime Minister Chretien and Premier Ernie Eves
tomorrow to discuss how the funding promised by both levels of government will
be used in a coordinated fashion to launch Toronto's recovery strategy as
quickly as possible.

The City took its first step on Friday, April 25, 2003 launching a video news
release around the world via satellite including a statements from Mayor and
the Medical Officer Health assuring international audiences of the safety in
visiting Toronto. Early reports from North America show the segment was used
by more 300 television stations and screened more than 1800 times.

A medium to longer term campaign will last several months and will involve
participants from business, entertainment, tourism, hospitality and sports

This afternoons task force meeting followed an earlier meeting today of the
Mayor, senior federal and provincial leaders and the Chinese Business
Community. The meeting heard the concerns of the Chinese business community
around SARS, after which all levels of government agreed to work together and
coordinate their efforts on behalf of residents and businesses affected.

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