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August 20, 2003
Success of organics collection boosts Toronto's diversion rates
Works and Emergency Services - Diversion of organic materials from Michigan
landfill is increasing at a far greater rate than the City of Toronto first
anticipated. Organic material collected from the ICI (Industrial, Commercial,
Institutional) sector via the carts associated with the fee-per-bag Yellow Bag
Program, and the residential single-family household organics collection
service, known as the Green Bin Program, currently operating in the Etobicoke
and Scarborough communities, have already contributed greatly towards Toronto
achieving its diversion goals.

Councillor Brad Duguid (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre), Chair of the Works
Committee, stated, "The City is very excited to find these new organic
collection programs, which are still in their first year of implementation, are
showing over 90 per cent participation rates and collecting more material than
expected. Toronto residents are helping divert a significant amount of material
from landfill."

Etobicoke's Green Bin Program is coming up to its one-year anniversary in
mid-September. Scarborough began participating in the organics collection
program a mere two months ago.

Richard Butts, Director of Toronto's Solid Waste Collections for Districts 1
and 2, said: "We estimate there will be 1,400 fewer trucks crossing the border
per year as a result of Toronto's current organics collection program. Based on
these success rates, by the end of 2005, when the Green Bin Program is rolled
out across the entire city, we anticipate there will be approximately 3,400
fewer trucks Michigan-bound."

Media contacts:
Councillor Brad Duguid
Ward 38, Scarborough Centre
Chair of the Works Committee
Office: 416-392-0204

Richard Butts,
Director, Solid Waste Collections, Districts 1 and 2



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