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February 11, 2003
Works Committee approves membership of New and Emerging Technologies, Policies and Practices Advisory Group
Works and Emergency Services - The City of Toronto Works Committee recently
reviewed and approved the recommended list of experts, citizens and other
voting and non-voting stakeholders for membership in the New and Emerging
Technologies, Policies and Practices Advisory Group. The Advisory Group will
assist in guiding the review of new and emerging technologies, policies and
practices to process and manage waste.

New and emerging technologies, policies and practices are required to manage
the waste left over after recycling through programs such as the Blue Box,
Green Bin and leaf and yard waste composting. By introducing new methods of
treatment including physical, biological and thermal methods, waste can be
reduced and energy created as part of the process. The Advisory Group will also
be looking at innovative waste management policies and operational practices
from communities around the world that have also set high waste diversion goals.

Councillor Brad Duguid, Chair of the City's Works Committee (Ward 38
Scarborough Centre), emphasized, "We are committed to achieving the Toronto
Council directed waste diversion goals of 30 per cent by 2003, 60 per cent by
2006 and 100 per cent diversion from landfill by 2010. We expect to realize
our 2003 target and are stepping up our waste diversion efforts with programs
such as the Green Bin and Yellow Bag Programs; recycling programs in 100 per
cent of multi-family buildings; banning grass clippings collection; and
enforcing a mandatory recycling by-law. These programs will help take our
diversion rate to about 43 per cent. To reach our 60 per cent and 100 per cent
objectives we will need to introduce a mix of new and emerging technologies,
policies and practices. We are looking to the newly formed Advisory Group to
help us prepare the road map to take us to those next objectives."

The formation of the Advisory Group is a result of public input received at
four public consultation events that occurred during 2002. Based on the input
received, City staff developed objectives, composition and governance
procedures. To ensure impartiality, each member must sign a 'financial conflict
of interest declaration' to ensure that neither the individual, business or
association may benefit financially from the Group's recommendations.

A key proposed governance principle is to conduct open meetings, whereby
Advisory Group meetings would be open to the general public as observers. Two
co-chairs will be selected, one from the expert component and the other from
the citizen representatives. The Advisory Group will make recommendations and
reports to the New and Emerging Technologies, Policies and Practices Working
Group (Councillors Balkissoon, Di Giorgio, Disero and Duguid) of Works

The newly formed Advisory Group met for the first time on February 3, 2003 and
the next scheduled meeting is February 12. Members of the public are welcome to
attend as observers. For more information, call 416-338-2856.

Advisory Group members (see backgrounder below for more detailed bios):

- Dr. Francis Chang, Ph.D., P.Eng.
- Dr. Craig J. Simpson, Ph.D., P.Eng.
- Dr. Philip H. Byer, Ph.D., P. Eng.
- Glenda Gies

Citizens (all residents of Toronto):
- Peter Beisswenger
- Karen Buck
- Carman Chisamore
- Elaine LePage
- Joy McIntosh
- Lyle Scott, P.Eng.
- Dr. Steven Zhang, Ph.D.

Voting Members:
Stakeholder Group
- Business Improvement Areas/Board of Trade: Carol Buss, Toronto Association of
Business Improvement Areas
- Greater Toronto Apartment Association: Brad Butt, Executive Director
- Ontario Waste Management Association: Rob Cook, Executive Director

Non-voting: City of Toronto Councillor Representatives
- Councillor Betty Disero, Co-chair, Waste Diversion Task Force 2010
- Councillor Bas Balkissoon, Works Committee member

- Ministry of the Environment: Adam Ciulini, Team Leader, Program
Implementation, Waste Diversion Unit, Policy Branch
- City of Toronto: Geoff Rathbone, Director, Policy and Planning (or designate)
(Solid Waste Management Services)
- City of Toronto: Mahesh Patel, Manager, Healthy Environments (Medical Officer
of Health)
- CUPE 416: David Hewitt, Chair, Solid Waste Unit
- Toronto District School Board: 'Mieke Foster, Waste Management Specialist

More details about the new and emerging technologies process is available on
the City's web site at:


Approved membership of New and Emerging Technologies, Policies and Practices
Advisory Group

Listed below are the experts, citizens and other voting and non-voting
stakeholders approved for membership by the City of Toronto's Works Committee.


Dr. Francis Chang, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Dr. Chang received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of
Toronto in 1975. With over 25 years experience in research, process development
and process evaluation, his engineering expertise includes process design,
process control and instrumentation and detailed design and selection.
Recently, Dr. Chang has been involved in projects related to green energy and
advanced energy conversion, emission control technologies, bio-fuel production
and utilization and biodigestion and biogas technology. He is currently a
member of the Professional Engineers Ontario and several other professional

Dr. Philip H. Byer, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Dr. Byer is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Chair,
Division of Environmental Engineering, at the University of Toronto. Major
areas of research and professional practice includes multi-objective project
evaluation, environmental planning and decision-making, environmental
assessment, risk management and solid waste management. Dr. Byer has served on
a number of high-profile committees sponsored by the federal and provincial
governments including the Ontario Environmental Assessment Advisory Committee,
which he chaired from 1986 to 1995, and the Environment Committee of the
Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid Organization from 1999 - 2001. He received a Ph.D. in
Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1975 and is
a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario and the Association of
Environmental Engineering and Science Professors.

Dr. Craig J. Simpson, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Dr. Simpson is semi-retired (as of August 2002) from the Technology and
Development Department of Enbridge Consumers' Gas where he managed research and
development programs in water heating, basic sciences, alternate fuels
technology, materials and led the fuel-cell testing team. Previously, he spent
22 years with the Research Division of Ontario Hydro eventually at the level of
Principal Research Engineer. His previous work at Ontario Hydro includes plasma
pyrolysis of municipal solid waste.

Dr. Simpson received a Ph.D. in Metallurgy and Materials Science from the
University of Toronto in 1969 and from 1989 to 1997 he was an Adjunct Professor
in the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science at the University of
Toronto. Dr. Simpson is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario and, until
retirement, was a member of a number of other professional and scientific

Glenda Gies
Working in the field of waste management with a focus on resource management
issues since 1978, Ms. Gies' experience includes design, implementation and
operation of recycling and composting programs as well as policy development
and strategic planning for a variety of organizations and levels of
government. Currently, she works in a private consulting practice, contracting
with private companies and government agencies in Canada, the United States and
Britain to develop waste and resource management policies and related
programs. Prior to 1992, Ms. Gies was employed by Airite Environmental
Industries to design collection systems and participate in development of
composting systems for organic wastes. Earlier in her career, from 1978 to
1989, she founded Durham Recycling Centre Inc., one of the first recycling
companies in Ontario.

Citizens (all residents of Toronto)

Peter Beisswenger
A retired chemical engineer and executive member of the Don Mills Residents
Inc., Mr. Beisswenger has experience in plastic waste, primary and secondary
industrial wastewater treatment, and with incineration of hazardous waste.

Karen Buck
Representing Citizens for a Safe Environment, Ms. Buck has 16 years experience
working for citizens on Toronto waste issues. For ten years, her household has
avoided sending 95 per cent of their wastes to disposal by reusing, recycling
and composting. Ms. Buck strongly believes that zero waste is achievable.

Carman Chisamore
A retired professional engineer with 25 years experience with the Ontario
Ministry of Environment specializing in solid waste management, resource
recovery, waste reduction and energy from waste, Mr. Chisamore is familiar with
research, evaluation and report preparation. He has participated on solid
waste reduction committees and the Deep Lake Water Cooling Task Force.

Elaine Lepage
A strong supporter of recycling, Ms. Lepage believes in research and experience
as key for change. She understands the need for help from many sources for an
efficient and cost-effective plan for solid waste management.

Joy McIntosh
A member of Toronto Environmental Volunteers, Ms. McIntosh has studied
Environmental Health at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She has
organized recycling in multi-unit residences and is a retired employee of
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation with the communication, organizational
and practical skills to facilitate working on the Advisory Group.

Lyle Scott, P.Eng.
A professional engineer experienced in energy engineering, facility management
(hospital incinerators, steam power plants and diesel generators) and
sustainable development in new construction, Mr. Scott also has extensive
experience in energy management. He was formerly spokesperson at the request of
the Natural Resources Canada on energy-efficiency initiatives and has
researched several technologies available for high-rise multi-residential
organic recycling. He has assisted the City of Toronto's Works and Emergency
Services Department with a recent multi-residential source separated organics
forum and is presently involved in research, integration and implementation of
new technologies for development projects.

Dr. Steven Zhang, Ph.D.
Dr. Zhang holds a Doctorate of Engineering and has extensive experience in the
treatment and management of solid waste, wastewater and gas by-products, and
plastic material recycling.

Voting Members

Stakeholder Group

Carol Buss, representing the Business Improvement Areas/Board of Trade: Toronto
Association of Business Improvement Areas

Brad Butt, representing the Greater Toronto Apartment Association:
As Executive Director for the Greater Toronto Apartment Association, Mr. Butt
has more than ten years experience in the property management sector and serves
as a member of the City of Toronto Rental Housing Advisory Committee.

Rob Cook, representing the Ontario Waste Management Association:
As Executive Director for the Ontario Waste Management Association, Mr. Cook is
a professional association manager representing private sector waste management
and recycling companies in Toronto and across Ontario. He has over four years
experience in the waste management sector and received an Honours Bachelor of
Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo.


City of Toronto Councillor Representatives:

Councillor Bas Balkissoon (Ward 41 Scarborough-Rouge River), Works Committee

Councillor Betty Disero (Ward 17 Davenport), Co-chair, Waste Diversion Task
Force 2010


Adam Ciulini
Mr. Ciulini is Team Leader, Program Implementation, with the Waste Management
Policy Branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. He has been involved
in the area of solid waste management since joining the Ministry in 1972. He
has worked on technical support, policy development and program implementation
in the field of waste reduction, reuse and recycling and recovery. He has
participated in many solid waste management initiatives for the province and
has a broad understanding of waste management matters as they relate to the
Ministry's environmental protection and resource conservation objectives.

Geoff Rathbone
Mr. Rathbone works for the City of Toronto and is the Director of Policy and
Planning for the Solid Waste Management Services Division. He is responsible
for planning systems to meet the City's diversion goals. Prior to joining the
City in 2001, Mr. Rathbone was Vice-President, Market and Technical Development
for CSR (Corporations Supporting Recycling), charged with developing
sustainable end markets for Ontario's curbside recyclables. He served as
Secretary for the Waste Diversion Organization Program Committee established by
the current provincial government. Previous experience also includes positions
with Laidlaw Waste Systems Ltd., Domtar Recycling, the Region of Essex-Windsor
and Environment Canada. Mr. Rathbone was Past Treasurer, Director for the
Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) and was Chairperson of the Ontario Waste
Management Association 3R's Committee.

Mahesh Patel
Mr. Patel works for Toronto Public Health as Acting Manager of Healthy
Environments, which involves managing, leading and supporting a team of health
hazard inspectors in the City's North Region. His city-wide portfolio includes
Enforcement and Legal process lead and the Safe Water lead. Mr. Patel received
a B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Applied Chemistry from Kingston University, London,
U.K. and a B.A.A. degree in Environmental Health from Ryerson Polytechnic
University, Toronto, as well as a Certificate in Public Health Inspection from
the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspector. He is a graduate of the
Royal Society of Chemistry.

David Hewitt
Mr. Hewitt is Chair of the Solid Waste Unit for Canadian Union of Public
Employees Local 416. He has 15 years experience as a driver/loader for the
City of Toronto's Solid Waste Management Services Division.

Mieke Foster
Ms. Foster is the waste management specialist at the Toronto District School

Media Contact
Councillor Brad Duguid, Chair of Works Committee



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