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September 24, 1998
Wine and liquor bottles soon to be returned to seller
The City of Toronto will ask residents to return their wine and liquor bottles
to the stores where they are sold beginning in January 1999. Toronto and other
Ontario municipalities want the Province to introduce a deposit-return system
for wine and liquor bottles across Ontario. At Toronto Council's meeting in
July, members voted to create a by-law mandating a deposit-return system for
wine and liquor bottles sold in the city beginning January 1, 1999.

Waste management handling of wine and liquor bottles costs Toronto taxpayers
over $1 million a year. Toronto Council wants the Ontario Government to help
make the Blue Box Program financially and environmentally more efficient by
implementing a deposit-return system for wine and liquor bottles.

"Our recycling program only captures about 50 per cent of wine and liquor
containers," said Works and Emergency Services Commissioner Barry Gutteridge.
"Deposit-return will capture over 80 per cent and significantly improve
diversion of wine and liquor bottles from the waste stream."

Today in Metro Hall Council Chambers, representatives from Ontario
municipalities, industry and other interested groups met to discuss
deposit-return for all beverage containers at the Examining Deposit Return: A
Workable Option for Ontario conference hosted by the city. Today's conference
continues the formation of a coalition of municipalities and environment groups
interested in achieving comprehensive deposit-return regulations for beverage
containers sold in Ontario.



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