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June 22, 1998
High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program Celebrates Second Anniversary With Huge Planting
The High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program, a group dedicated to restoring
High Park's natural habitats, celebrated its second anniversary by planting
thousands of plants in High Park on Sunday, June 21.

The Volunteer Stewardship Program, which is made up of volunteers from the
community, has already reintroduced more than 15,000 plants to the park during
its first two years, helping to restore the natural ecosystems of the park. The
organization works with City of Toronto Parks and Recreation staff to
coordinate and implement restoration activities in the park.

High Park is made up of a unique combination of vegetation communities. These
communities include the woodlands and oak savannahs of widely spaced oak trees,
low shrubs and prairie grasses in the upper table lands; the red oak trees and
cherry and maple forests of the lower slopes; the mixed forests of hemlock and
red oak in the ravine bottom lands; and the park's ponds and associated
wetlands and streams.

High Park's unique place in Toronto is illustrated by the fact that it is home
to 41 rare plant species, 32 of which are found within the park's oak savannah.
The oak savannah is a provincially rare vegetation type that is known to occur
in only five other sites in Ontario.

Media Contact
Christopher Harris
High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program
(416) 718-6326



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