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August 27, 1998
Toronto's Committee on the Status of Women Urges Prime Minister Not to Appeal Pay Equity
In a letter released today under the signature of Councillor Pam McConnell,
Chair, the Committee on the Status of Women urged Prime Minister Chretien not
to appeal the decision of the human rights tribunal regarding pay equity for
women in the federal public service.

"Clearly, there are strategies available for paying women what they have
earned", said McConnell. "Over the years, several municipalities have faced
similar problems and have worked out innovative solutions which have met the
needs of all concerned."

In 1973, former Mayor Crombie established a Task Force on Women's Issues. One
of the first activities was a review of the employment conditions of women in
the civic workforce. The Task Force identified a wage gap of 21.5% between men
and women workers of the City. By establishing a rigorous job evaluation
program based on the premise of "Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value", this gap
had been reduced to 4% by 1986.

The set up costs of the program between 1977 and 1979 was set at 1% of the
payroll. Between 1980 and 1984, during the maintenance phase, the cost was
less than one quarter of one percent of payroll. After that, the ongoing costs
have been estimated at one tenth of one percent.

"We are asking the Prime Minister to commit to establishing a percentage of the
federal payroll to go towards recovering the estimated $4 billion which his
employees deserve," noted McConnell. "This type of program has worked in the
past and can work again."

Media Contact
Councillor Pam McConnell
Committee on the Status of Women
City of Toronto
(416) 392-7916

Catherine Leitch
Committee on the Status of Women
(416) 392-7855



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