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November 18, 1998
Giuliani and Lastman agree: red-light cameras save lives
New York - Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman and New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani met
today at New York City Hall to discuss issues of mutual concern to their
cities. A clear consensus emerged from the meeting: red-light cameras save

"In the three years after 1994, 128,024 fewer vehicles have driven through red
lights where our cameras are installed," Giuliani told Lastman. "It is safe to
assume that many of the occupants of these vehicles and others in the traffic
system were saved from injuries or deaths, in addition to the savings in
property damage."

New York currently has 30 cameras installed at intersections throughout New
York City. Mayor Giuliani recently signed into law a revision to Section 19-210
of the New York City Administrative Code to raise this total to 50

"The Red-Light Camera Safety Program in New York City is responsible for saving
lives and at the same time is self sustaining," said Giuliani.

Mayor Lastman recently concluded a test project at the intersection of Dufferin
Street and St. Clair Ave. West that saw a reduction of more than 50 per cent in
red-light runners with the installation of a red-light camera.

"If the province gave the City of Toronto the tools it needs to install
red-light cameras today, we could be saving lives tomorrow," said Lastman.
"Red-light cameras make our street safer by protecting our children and seniors
from red-light runners."

"I hope the province will make Toronto a pilot project location using red-light
camera technology before the new year," said Lastman. "The facts speak for
themselves: red-light cameras save lives."

The Mayor will announce a second trial run of red-light camera technology in
the city of Toronto by the end of November.

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Jim Warren
Office of Mayor Lastman
(416) 395-6482



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