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July 30, 1998
Scarborough Athletes Compete in the 26th Annual Indianapolis-Scarborough Peace Games
Athletic competition and the renewal of friendships were the highlights of the
26th annual Indianapolis-Scarborough Peace Games held in Indianapolis July
24-26, 1998.

The Peace Games, an Olympic-style competition hosted alternatively between the
two cities, was won this year by Scarborough, eight events to six.

Athletes participate in a wide range of sports at the games including track and
field, swimming, badminton, bowling, baseball and basketball.

More important than winning, though, is the friendships made or renewed that
make the Peace Games such a terrific opportunity for all participants.

Founded in 1972, the Peace Games have served to promote a philosophy of
international friendship and friendly competition between Indianapolis and the
former City of Scarborough.

Throughout the 26-year history of the Peace Games, many lasting friendships
have been formed between participants - some even culminating in marriage.

The economic bonds between the two cities have also grown throughout the years
as a result of the Peace Games as evidenced by an Economic Alliance Agreement
between the cities, which was signed in 1996.

Media Contact
Paul Benson
Parks and Recreation Division, Scarborough Region
City of Toronto
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