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September 29, 1998
Mayor conducts red-light camera test
Mayor Mel Lastman condemned "motorist madness" today after releasing results of
a test of a red-light camera at the intersection of Dufferin and St. Clair.

The 110-hour test showed a total of 301 offences in just one way at the
four-way intersection. The average was 65 offences every 24 hours one way.

"Red-light cameras can prevent accidents and save lives," said the mayor. "We
have just proved it. This is only one intersection out of 1,841 in the city.
If we have 65 offences here in just 24 hours on only one part of the
intersection, think what's going on every day."

Dufferin and St. Clair was the scene of a fatal accident two years ago when a
child was killed in a traffic accident after a driver ran a red light.

"This is just one of the high-risk intersections in our city where idiots
behind the wheel routinely run red lights. Red-light cameras can catch these
motor maniacs."

Lastman again asked the provincial government for changes in the Highway
Traffic Act to allow the City to install red-light cameras and ticket
motorists. He cited statistics from New York and San Francisco where the
cameras meant a 20-30 per cent reduction in red-light runners.

"We have the technology to stop them," said Lastman. "We have the will to stop
them. But we don't have the right to do something in our own city because the
province won't change a law.

"This is a matter of safety for 2.3 million people."

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