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September 23, 1998
Short-list of firms announced for Toronto's Biosolids Beneficial Use Program
Seven firms will be asked to submit proposals on a program for beneficial use
of all the biosolids from Toronto's Main Treatment Plant. The firms were
selected through an 'expressions of interest' process. The City of Toronto is
working towards the elimination of biosolids incineration at its largest sewage
treatment plant, the Main Treatment Plant, on Ashbridges Bay in the beaches
neighbourhood. The following firms were selected:

AGRA Biogro
Berlie Technologies Inc.
Braemer Acres Limited
Terratec Environmental Ltd.
Toronto Biosolids Group
United Water Services Canada LP
USF Canada Inc.

Toronto is taking an accelerated approach to introducing a program for the
beneficial use of biosolids produced at the Main Treatment Plant. The
Biosolids Beneficial Use Program will result in the end of biosolids
incineration at the Main Plant by January 2001. Biosolids, the nutrient-rich
organic product of sewage treatment, will be beneficially used in several ways,
such as agricultural fertilizer. The city has retained the team of R.V.
Anderson/Brown and Caldwell to provide consulting services for the development
and implementation of the Biosolids Beneficial Use Program. Part of Toronto's
commitment to eliminating incineration at the Main Plant is consulting with the
public throughout the program's development. To accomplish this a Biosolids
Multi-Stakeholder Committee and an Independent Review Committee have been
formed. These committees provide people and industry experts with a forum for
input to the Biosolids Beneficial Use Program.

For more information on this project, people are welcome to call the 24-hour
Comment Line at (416) 397-7777 and leave their question or comments. Calls
will be returned on the next business day.

Discover more information about the Biosolids Demonstration Project.

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(416) 397-7777



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