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April 20, 2007
Toronto Fire Services: Home cooking fire safety
Toronto Fire Services reminds you that cooking fires are still the number one cause of fire in the home. We see the devastation fire causes on a daily basis and want to make sure you know how to prevent a kitchen fire from occurring in your home.

When you are cooking remember to:

• ALWAYS remain in the kitchen if you have something on the stove top so you can react quickly in case of fire – if you need to leave the kitchen, turn off the burners

• ALWAYS keep the pot lid handy so that if a pan catches fire, slide the lid over the pan, then turn the burner off -- never put water on a cooking fire, especially if it contains oil

• ALWAYS remove a pot of oil from the burner after use -- it’s easy to turn on the wrong burner and the oil could ignite without you even realizing it’s being heated

• If you cook with oil, use a temperature controlled deep fat fryer

• Wear tight fitting sleeves while you cook so they can’t touch a burner and ignite

• If a fire starts in the oven, keep the door closed and turn the oven off

• If a fire starts in a microwave, unplug it and keep the door closed

“It’s the law that every home has working smoke alarms on every storey and outside all sleeping areas,” stated Deputy Chief Frank Lamie. “If you do have a fire in your home, only well maintained smoke alarms will give you the early warning you’ll need so that everyone can react quickly, follow your home escape plan, and get outside to call 911.”

In addition to smoke alarms, Toronto Fire Services encourages residents to install fire sprinklers in their homes. “Anyone considering major renovations or a new home should consider having residential sprinklers installed to avoid future tragedies,” said Toronto Fire Chief Bill Stewart. “Residential sprinklers, together with smoke alarms, will greatly enhance fire protection.”

For more information visit: and

Media Contact:
Captain Marla Friebe, Toronto Fire Services Media Line, 416-338-0763



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