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December 11, 2001
City Council will use data on inequality to evaluate impact of program changes on vulnerable communities and prepare a plan of action
City Council has requested City departments to use the results of the City
commissioned study on ethno-racial inequality to evaluate the impact of
proposed changes on programs and services used by vulnerable communities.

This proposal emerged from a series of meetings initiated by Councillor Sherene
Shaw, the City's Diversity Advocate who also chairs the City's Community
Advisory Committee on Race and Ethnic Relations. "The findings of the City
commissioned Ornstein Study and many other studies show over and over again
that barriers and disadvantage can be linked to race, ethnicity and disability."

"Discrimination and disadvantage leads to poverty, unemployment and
under-employment and this appears to be getting worse for some groups,
especially our young people," continued Councillor Shaw. "Our advisory
committees on access and equity have asked us to focus upon programs and
policies which will respond to high priority issues, including housing, public
transit, employment and youth leadership, and we want to see these addressed by
all orders of government and in the proposed City plan of action."

City Council has also requested the Chief Administrative Officer to initiate an
intergovernmental process to identify actions that will be included in the
City's new plan of action on racism and related intolerance. The new plan of
action is slated for submission to Council in April along with a report from
the Chief Administrative Officer on the implementation of the recommendations
of the City's Task Force on Access and Equity, which were adopted by Council in

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