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April 12, 2001
Environment Days Begin Again
Works and Emergency Services --- Environment Days begin Saturday, April 14,
once again allowing residents to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by
taking unusual waste, such as bicycles, computer equipment, old clothing and
items not accepted in the curbside recycling program, to an event in their

Toronto Councillors and the Works and Emergency Services department will host
more than 40 events across the city, from April through September. The events
also allow residents to pick up items aimed at waste diversion and water
efficiency. Tips on water reduction in the home and natural lawn and garden
care will also be available. To find out more about Environment Days in their
neighbourhood, residents may call the Event Line at 416-392-9585 or visit the
Environment Day website at

This year's Environment Days have the following activities and services:

- purchase an indoor water efficiency kit for $15
- purchase an outdoor water efficiency kit (the ?Peak Pail?) for $15
- purchase a backyard composter for $15
- purchase a yard waste bin for $6
- purchase a blue or grey recycling box for $5 (available for free with proof
of new residency or in exchange for a damaged box)
- purchase an apartment recycling bag for $3
- purchase a small rain barrel for $60

- donate used bicycles and other sporting goods in good condition
- donate used computer equipment
- donate small household appliances in repairable condition (toasters, kettles,
irons, coffee makers, toaster ovens, etc?)
- donate and pick up used paints (Paint Exchange)
- donate textiles in good condition (clothing, linens, etc?no rags )
- donate medical equipment in good condition (eyeglasses, walkers, wheelchairs,
hearing aids, etc?)
- donate books (no magazines)
- donate non-perishable food items
- pick up free leaf compost
- drop off polystyrene
- drop off film plastic (plastic grocery bags)
- drop off plastic tubs and lids
- drop off Brita water filters
- drop off used tires (off the rim; up to five per household)
- drop off household hazardous waste for safe disposal

All items collected for reuse at the Environment Days will be distributed to
not-for profit groups. Residents who are unable to attend can still reduce
their waste by calling 416-392-9573 to purchase a composter or 416-392-4546 to
purchase an indoor water efficiency kit or a Peak Pail.

Last year, more than 26,000 people attended the 28 events, diverting more than
27,000 kilograms of waste from the landfill. More than 1,500 backyard
composters, 250 rain barrels, and 450 water efficiency kits were sold.

The Environment Days Web site features a list of
events and dates
from April through September.

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