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January 12, 2001
Toronto's Solid Waste Management Program underway for disposal and diversion
Toronto's focus is moving well beyond the disposal of solid waste to meeting A
3Rs Implementation Plan for the City of Toronto, confirms Toronto Councillor
Betty Disero, the newly appointed Chair of the Works Committee. The 3Rs plan
includes a 60 per cent diversion target by 2006 with up to 80 per cent
diversion by 2009.

"Toronto has moved permanently beyond the debate of using Adams Mine to
actually signing and initiating waste disposal contracts in Michigan," said
Chair Disero. "We are now working on increasing our diversion targets to the
point of minimizing and drastically reducing the need to use landfill sites in
the future."

"The Adams Mine proposal received on December 15, 1999 from Rail Cycle North
expired on December 15, 2000," added Works and Emergency Services Commissioner
Barry Gutteridge. "Accordingly, the security deposit that accompanied the
proposal submission has been returned."

Toronto has a diversion rate of 24 per cent based on a mix of multi-residential
and single family residential units. The diversion rate for single family homes
is actually 30 per cent.

In order to achieve the 3Rs plan for a 60 per cent diversion target by 2006,
Toronto will divert an additional 440,000 tonnes of waste a year. This will be
achieved by increasing the recovery of recyclable material and diversion of
large quantities of organic kitchen waste.

The 3Rs Implementation Plan for the City of Toronto includes:

· Adding polycoat containers (e.g., milk cartons and drinking boxes), empty
paint cans and empty aerosol cans to the Blue Box Program effective March 1,

· Collecting leaves in Kraft Bags and eliminating collection of grass clippings

· Weekly recycling and weekly summertime yard waste collection

· Commissioning the anaerobic digestion facility at the Dufferin Transfer
Station in 2001

· Investigating the feasibility of siting an anaerobic digestion facility on
City-owned property to process municipal waste and generate biogas for downtown
energy needs in co-operation with Enwave

· Negotiating with Miller Waste Systems, and Groupe Conporec and Services
Matrec, for the design, construction and operation of aerobic composting
facilities for mixed waste/and or source-separated organic materials

· Visiting targeted apartment buildings to review recycling collection
performance and make recommendations for improvements

Other ongoing programs to manage organics include:

· More than 200 multi-bin compost units in apartment buildings, condominiums,
schools, etc., with an estimated diversion rate of 1.35 to 2.7 tonnes per unit
a year.

· More than 172,000 backyard composters have been distributed to residents with
an estimated diversion rate of 17,200 tonnes a year.

· The current curbside leaf and yard waste program diverts an estimated 56,000
tonnes a year while other programs including "grasscycling" divert an
additional 12,500 tonnes a year.

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