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July 24, 2001
Program in place to naturalize land near Don Valley Parkway
Works and Emergency Services -- The Task Force to Bring Back the Don
and the City's Transportation Services Division are taking steps to naturalize
a major part of the land adjacent to the Don Valley Parkway while maintaining
strict standards to ensure clear sight lines for motorists.

The plan identifies three levels of mowing: areas of no mowing, areas of
limited mowing (once or twice a year) and areas of full, regular mowing as in
past years.

Areas of no mowing will eventually have a variety of trees, shrubs and other

Areas of limited mowing will become naturalized grassland. In some areas, fall
mowing will control the growth of woody plants while not interfering with the
reproduction of perennial, herbaceous plants or butterflies.

In other areas, limited mowing earlier in the season will control the spread of
the invasive black swallowwort (also known as dog-strangling vine), a
non-native species that smothers native grasses and flowering plants.

Regular mowing will occur in a two-metre strip along every edge of the entire
length of the Don Valley Parkway. Regular mowing will continue in places where
safety is an issue, such as areas adjacent to merging traffic lanes. Areas
adjacent to residential neighbourhoods will also be mowed regularly.

"As a result of this program, there will be an expansion of the beautiful,
naturalized portions of the Don Valley, with a greater diversity of plants,
flowering herbs and colourful, fall-foliage trees," said John Wilson, Chair of
the Task Force to Bring Back the Don.

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