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January 29, 2001
Task Force 2010 seeks made-in-Toronto solutions for waste
Vowing to find ways to take care of our own waste, Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman
today announced Task Force 2010 to consult with the people of Toronto and
recommend a comprehensive waste diversion plan to Toronto City Council by June

"We need a plan which everyone can buy into so that, by 2010 all our waste will
be recycled, reused or composted," said Mayor Lastman.

"Task Force 2010 must find a made-in-Toronto solution that demonstrates
leadership in waste diversion strategies and new solutions for the twenty-first
century that move beyond the landfilling of garbage."

Mayor Lastman also announced that veteran Councillor Betty Disero, Chair of the
Works Committee, will co-chair Task Force 2010. "I am also asking all members
of Toronto City Council to participate in the activities of the task force."

"There will be some tough choices for Toronto to make but at the end of the
day, we must become a leader in North America by dealing with this challenge
head on," said Councillor Disero.

In 2000, Toronto households created 920,000 tonnes of waste or about one tonne
per household. Seventy-six per cent was sent to land fill and 24 per cent was
recycled, composted or re-used. The goal of Task Force 2010 is 30 per cent
diversion by 2003, 60 per cent by 2006 and 100 per cent by 2010.

Task Force 2010 will consult broadly with citizens and environmental
organizations and with the environmental industry. The task force also has
plans to open discussions with senior levels of government and the private

"We are saying that Toronto will take the lead, but we're also saying that
everyone needs to participate," said Councillor Disero.

For further information regarding Task Force 2010, visit the City of Toronto
Web site at

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