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April 9, 2001
Recycling depots set up for computers
Toronto residents no longer have to worry about how to dispose of obsolete
computers or other electronic equipment such as printers and scanners.

Five computer-recycling depots have been established at the City's
Commissioners Street, Disco, Ingram, Scarborough and Victoria Park transfer

The City launched this program in co-operation with the non-profit agency,
Technology Learning Alliance (TLA). Since 1993, TLA has used old computers to
train students to install software and perform basic maintenance. TLA provides
refurbished computers primarily to schools, charities and community groups.

"This is an excellent example of a 'win-win' program," said Councillor Betty
Disero, Chair of Toronto's Works Committee. "The City is responding to
residents' growing need for disposal of computer and electronic equipment. At
the same time, we are improving the opportunities for recycling this equipment
and increasing our rates of diversion."

The computer recycling/reuse depot will operate on Wednesdays from 10 a.m.
until 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Computers will be
accepted at the depots from City residents only. Businesses will be redirected
to organizations involved in computer recycling and reuse.

?We are pleased to be working with City of Toronto on this important recycling
and reuse initiative. TLA is helping bridge the digital divide by turning old
computers into new opportunities. Our target is low-income families and kids
without current access to the technology revolution. Almost 40% of households
in Canada do not have a computer and in low-income areas the number rises to
over 80%.?

Last year, over 15 tonnes of computer equipment was brought to Environment Day
events across the city.

It is estimated that the recycling depots will initially divert 500 tonnes of
outdated equipment a year, equivalent to a 0.05 per cent increase in Toronto's
residential diversion rate. The City's Works Committee heard today that by
2005, approximately 12,000 tonnes of computer waste will be generated by
residents and businesses in Toronto, of which 7,000 tonnes will be suitable for
reuse or recycling.

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