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June 22, 2001
Mayor Lastman says culture is big business in Toronto
Mayor Mel Lastman today released the details of the first independent
assessment of the economic impact of culture in Toronto.

"We've recently learned just how important cultural events are to our City,"
Mayor Lastman said. "Let me tell you, Toronto's arts, heritage and cultural
industries are big business."

A report by the consulting firm Arthur Anderson LLP found that the culture
sector currently employs approximately 190,000 Torontonians -- 14.75 per cent
of the City's labour force.

The reports also calculates that the cultural sector contributes approximately
$8.6 billion to the city's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) -- that is,
approximately 11 per cent of Toronto's GDP.

The firm's experts developed the high-level analysis by extrapolating from
Statistics Canada data on such industries as writing and publishing; film;
broadcasting; performing arts; advertising; and libraries.

Mayor Lastman thanked Arthur Andersen LLP for its work on the study, and
congratulated companies in the private sector that have partnered with the City
to sponsor cultural events.

"The investments these companies have made in Toronto's cultural events will
keep paying dividends in the years to come," he said.

Rita Davies, Managing Director of the City's Culture Division, said the study's
findings provide important input for the development of the City's Culture
Plan, which will set out the City's cultural direction over the next decade.

"During the 21st century, the great cities of the world will be driven by the
unique efforts of their cultural or creative industries, not their steel mills.
Measuring culture's impact on the City's economy will sustain our efforts to
position Toronto as a leading international cultural capital," she said.

Background information:

This report was prepared for the City of Toronto by the firm of Arthur Andersen

Arthur Andersen's experts estimated the economic value of cultural activities
in Toronto using Statistics Canada data for Ontario as a whole. A conservative
estimate is that Toronto accounts for 40 per cent to 50 per cent of the
economic impact of Ontario's culture sector, and hence 40 per cent to 50 per
cent of the Ontario's culture sector's GDP and employment.

According to Statistics Canada, Ontario's culture sector accounts for 424,718
jobs and $19.1 billion in GDP.

From the above, the report concluded that the culture sector employs from
169,887 to 212,359 people in the City of Toronto; that is, approximately
190,000 Torontonians -- 14.75 per cent of the city's labour force.

The report also estimates that the culture sector contributes from $7.65
billion to $9.56 billion to Toronto's Gross Domestic (GDP) product annually --
an approximate average of $8.6 billion. Since City staff estimate that
Toronto's annual GDP ranges from $76 billion to $80 billion, this means that
the culture sector's portion of Toronto's GDP is approximately 11 per cent of
Toronto's GDP.

For the purposes of the study, the following activities were included in
estimates of the economic value of cultural activities in Toronto:
 Writing and Publishing
 Film Industry
 Broadcasting
 Recording Music Publishing
 Performing Arts
 Other Stage
 Visual Arts
 Crafts
 Architecture
 Photography
 Design
 Advertising
 Festivals
 Fine Arts Education
 Heritage
 Libraries

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