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June 11, 2001
Additional names included on some property tax bills
Finance -- The City of Toronto is currently mailing the 2001 final tax bills to
city property owners. By Monday, June 11, all 580,000 bills will have been
mailed. However, some of the bills will have the name of a third resident
identified as an "assessed owner(s)."

Due to a technical problem, the computer program that selects up to two
assessed owner(s) names for printing on the bill has also printed a third name
(which may or may not be an assessed owner) where it was included on the
electronic assessment roll received from the Ontario Property Assessment
Corporation (OPAC). This name, whether an actual owner, a boarder or a child,
may appear on the bill as a third assessed owner. It does not appear in the
mailing window of the envelope. The mailing address has remained accurate.
There are approximately 180,000 bills that may be affected.

Taxpayers may contact the Revenue Services Call Centre at 416-338-4829 for
further information.

For this final tax billing, the Province of Ontario regulated the format of the
final tax bill, to be used by all municipalities. The City of Toronto received
notification from the Province in April 2001, while the Revenue Services
Division was already preparing this bill for mailing. This necessitated a
last-minute reformatting of the bill's design and content necessary to conform
to the new provincial requirements. Even with the last-minute changes, the City
of Toronto has successfully mailed all tax bills on schedule. In total, all
properties will receive their bills within this next week.

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