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November 23, 2001
The Tree of Light - Toronto's biggest tree-trimming project!
The delivery of The Tree of Light, Toronto's Official giant Christmas Tree, on
Saturday, November 17th marks the start of the biggest tree-trimming job in the

Here is the story behind Toronto's 2001 Christmas Tree:
  • Close to a year ago the search for a symmetrical and balanced tree with a very full limb structure began
  • The White Spruce chosen was found near Novar, a town north of Huntsville - on someone's front lawn!
  • Although still beautiful it was chosen because it was very near the end of its life expectancy
  • White Spruce is a medium-sized conifer found throughout Canada
  • While in the ground the tree measured a towering 25 metres (83 feet)
  • It took 6 men many hours to cut down the tree, wrap it and strap it onto a 53-foot trailer
  • Although the trailer's deck was lengthened to accommodate the tree, the overhang off the back of the trailer was substantial
  • At 13 metres (43 feet) wide and weighing close to 6300 Kilograms (7 tonnes), two cranes were required to lower it on to the trailer
  • On Saturday, November 17, after travelling approximately 225 Kilometres (140 miles), the tree arrived in Toronto early in the morning to avoid traffic problems
  • Two cranes lifted the tree from the trailer while the constricting ropes were cut
  • It took 6 to 7 men approximately 8 to 10 hours to completely install the tree on Nathan Phillips Square
  • Once the tree was positioned in a large steel collar, 4 large cables were attached to hold it safely in place
  • After leaving a few days for the branches to settle, the 20 metre (66 foot) tree is decorated with 10,000 white lights
  • Using man-lifts, it takes 2 City of Toronto Facilities staff 2 days to completely decorate the tree
  • On November 30 at 6:30 p.m. the Tree of Light and surrounding civic square are illuminated with 100,000 lights as part of the Cavalcade of Lights holiday event
  • For the 2001 festive season, the Tree of Light, will feature a spectacular tree top ornament created by a local artist, Andrejs Ritins. The dramatic ornament will hold messages of hope for the world written by some children from Wilkinson Junior Public School.
  • The Tree of Light is sponsored by Hydro One and will stand in Nathan Phillips Square through to the New Year.
  • In the New Year the trunk of the tree will be cut into fire wood lengths and the limbs will be chipped for use along park walks and gardening projects.

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