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May 1, 2001
Photo Opportunity : Police, bike couriers and journalists take the CAN-BIKE challenge
Ten cyclists from the police, bike courier companies and the media will boost
their cycling skills by taking a two-day advanced CAN-BIKE 2 course in
defensive cycling.

Participants will learn to assess risk and handle hazards on the road, practise
how to avoid collisions and improve their skill and confidence in riding in
challenging traffic situations. The course includes classroom instruction and
outdoor riding.

The event is co-hosted by the City of Toronto's Urban Development Services and
the Toronto Police Service. Training constables Hugh Smith and Bob Olmsted will
instruct the course.

The following individuals are enrolled:

Jim Kenzie, Toronto Star Wheels Section
Romona King, GTA Today
Malcolm Davidson, The Liberty Gleaner
Lynn Lavallee, SmartRisk Foundation

Bike couriers:
Anne MacGuire, Critical Path Couriers
Marcel Smazal, The Messengers International
Marlee Cargill, ex-courier and choreographer

Police officers:
P.C. Richard Poole
P.C. Richard Harris
P.C. Diane Stokan

Details of photo opportunity

Dates: Wednesday, May 2 (collision avoidance techniques)
Thursday, May 3 (large truck demonstration)
Time: 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. both days
Location: Bus parking lot south of SkyDome on Blue Jays Way

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