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September 7, 2001
Improved City budget process introduced
Toronto Budget Chief David Shiner today announced an early start and
improvements that will allow Council to give final approval of the City's $7.2
billion budget in March instead of late April.

Councillor Shiner said, "The process is both more timely and more rigorous than
ever before. It will, I believe, serve the citizens of Toronto well and show
that we are more accountable to the taxpayer and management of this

The improved process stresses service priorities, service levels and
performance measures that track productivity and promote accountability.

It also focuses on the identification of staff numbers through authorized
positions, rather than the current method of tracking full-time equivalent
(FTEs) staff. In addition to budget dollars, all City services will identify
their goals, objectives and specify how many staff it takes to deliver these
services. These specific objectives will be tracked and reported on by each
program throughout the year to ensure that the focus remains on those things
established as most important for the City to achieve in 2002 and beyond.

With the development of the 2002 City budget, the Budget Advisory Committee and
staff begin a two year process of laying the groundwork for the introduction of
an integrated business planning process and budget review process that builds
in continuous service delivery improvements. This year is a positive step
towards a sound, stable, planned and sustainable financial management

Acting Chief Administrative Officer Shirley Hoy said, "Staff in Finance, other
key players across the corporation, and special advisor David Gunn have done a
great job of improving the way we do budgets. This is a major step forward for
the City."

Staff in every capital program (e.g. roads, facilities, sewers and water mains)
will now complete a full review of all projects, whether previously approved
for funding or newly proposed. They will be categorized within the five new
definitions of Health and Safety, State of Good Repair, Legislative/Policy
Initiatives, Growth Related or Service Improvement and Enhancement.

A report on the new process will go to the Budget Advisory Committee on
September 10, Policy and Finance Committee on September 20 and Council during
its October session.

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