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April 25, 2001
Red light camera statistics for March 2001
Works and Emergency Services -- The most recent statistics released by
the Red Light Camera Processing Centre indicate that some drivers are not
getting the message about running red lights.

Statistics compiled for the month of March show that charges were laid for 304
vehicles that ran red lights at the intersections where cameras were located.
This represents a significant increase from February, when 174 charges were

While monthly variations in statistics are not unusual and it is too early to
draw any conclusions regarding the long-term effect of the program, Mayor Mel
Lastman says he would like to see the numbers drop.

"I'm disappointed with the number of motorists who ran red lights in March,"
said Mayor Mel Lastman. "These motorists need to get the message -- every time
they run a red light, they are putting someone's life at risk."

The red light cameras are part of a two-year pilot project involving six
Ontario municipalities -- the cities of Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa and the
Regional Municipalities of Halton, Peel and Waterloo.

In Toronto, red light running resulted in about 3,400 collisions at signalized
intersections in 1999. Since 1996, 52 people in Toronto have died in collisions
caused by motorists running a red light. Forty per cent of fatalities at
signalized intersections in Toronto are attributed to red light running.

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