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February 9, 2001
Residents can help prevent flooding
With rain and warmer temperatures today, there are some things residents can do
to assist the City in preventing flooding.

"We would ask residents to keep backyard catch basins clear of snow to aid in
draining," said Mike Price, General Manager, Water and Wastewater Services
Division. "It would also be of great assistance if people would clear snow and
slush from street catch basins and fire hydrants."

City staff continues to clear the catch basins to aid the flow of melting snow
to the City's sewer system.

Here are some ways homeowners can help prevent flooding:
  • Clear out your home's basement window wells of snow and water to avoid it seeping through window frames
  • Pack snow around your basement window wells, creating a snow barrier, to prevent water from running into the window wells
  • Shovel the snow from beside your home's walls
  • Ensure that water overflowing from eavestroughs and downspouts runs away from your home

For help with flooded basements, call:

East York 416-396-2800
Etobicoke 416-394-8615
North York 416-395-6205 (day) 416-395-6333 (after hours)
Scarborough 416-396-7372 (day) 416-396-4808 (after hours)
Toronto 416-392-7737
York 416-394-2630

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