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September 25, 2006
Saving birds during fall migration
On behalf of Mayor David Miller and Toronto City Council, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone (Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina) invites the public to participate in Lights Out Toronto and help save the lives of birds migrating to their winter nesting grounds.

“Migrating birds become disoriented by night-time lights and frequently collide with tall buildings or other structures,” said Deputy Mayor Pantalone. “The City of Toronto, the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) and Toronto Hydro Corporation along with our other partners, are asking people to turn off unnecessary lighting, at work and at home.”

“Sadly, because of lighting at night, thousands of birds die in Toronto’s Financial District each year alone,” said Michael Mesure, Executive Director of FLAP. “Of the 158 species we typically find dead and/or injured, 65 are facing serious population decline. To help save these birds, please turn out lights whenever you can.”

“Toronto Hydro Corporation is pleased to support the City of Toronto and FLAP’s efforts to protect migrating bird species from harm,” said David O’Brien, President and CEO of Toronto Hydro Corporation. “To our customers we will continue to say turn off your lights at night - it will not only save the birds, but will save you money. This is all about conserving electricity for the right reasons.”

The Lights Out Toronto program suggests the following tips:

Building managers
  • ensure that non-essential interior and exterior lights are shut off between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • encourage occupants to take the actions outlined below.

Building occupants
  • make sure you turn off your office lights when you leave
  • when working late, use task lighting and/or draw your office blinds
  • take similar measures at home.

For more information, visit

Media contacts:

Kelly Snow
Environmental Policy Planner
City Planning Division

Michael Mesure
Executive Director



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