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April 3, 2006
City mounts idle-free blitz
The City of Toronto and Toronto Police Service are teaming up to make breathing a little easier by launching a campaign to reduce the number of vehicles left idling during a five-day blitz from April 3 to 7.

Under the City’s anti-idling bylaw, most vehicles left idling for more than three minutes in a 60-minute period are subject to a fine of $105 plus a $25 provincial surcharge.

“All of us have a role to play in making the air we breathe a bit cleaner,” said Councillor Shelley Carroll, Chair of the City’s Works Committee. “By avoiding unnecessary idling, we can reduce the level of smog in the City that contributes to poor air quality. We also remind drivers, particularly those lining up for cheaper gas, that idling for 20 seconds uses the equivalent amount of fuel as re-starting your engine.”

The City of Toronto is encouraging drivers to reduce their vehicle idling even further by reducing warm-up idling (just turn on the engine and go) and by turning off the engine when stopping for more than 10 seconds, except in traffic.

“Toronto Police Service will be supporting the City of Toronto in this effort,” said Sgt. Brian Bowman, Toronto Police Service. “We take very seriously the impact of unnecessary vehicle idling on our environment.”

Restricting vehicles left idling is part of Toronto’s overall strategy to reduce pollution-causing practices. The City is working with community partners such as the Clean Air Partnership to promote an idle-free Toronto.

Media contact:

Steve Johnston
Sr. Communications Co-ordinator



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